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  1. Alicia Hoogstra

    Edible Perennial Plants

    Hello everyone! I have several edible perennials that I would love to share. Please send me a message with what you may be interested in.
  2. Alicia Hoogstra


    Hey everyone I have another quick question, I've really been working on making my Hingback (Vuldatort's) enclosure better! I recently went in a hike in one of our great Nature Reserves here in Michigan. I collected some of the dried leaves..and of course being in Michigan they have some dried...
  3. Alicia Hoogstra

    Nature Center Walk

    I was blessed to be able to hike through a beautiful State Nature Reserve in Cadillac Michigan. I was also blessed to see these little ones!
  4. Alicia Hoogstra

    Grape leaves

    Hello there fellow "torties"....can I feed grape leaves to my Leo's?
  5. Alicia Hoogstra

    Kalamazoo, MI Reptile Show

    OMGOOODNESS!! I am so frustrated! I went to a Reptile show, close to home..What a bunch of hunger idiots! Forgive my anger, but we're talking about helpless little heat lamps, dry, no UV... NOTHING..and they were actually arguing with me about keeping them in...
  6. Alicia Hoogstra

    New Hingeback

    @Will ok, here are the pics, what do you think...
  7. Alicia Hoogstra

    Help! (baby has slowed down and is soft)

    Hey everyone, my little Luna Sulcata(hatch date February 2017) has really slowed down moving and eating. Her under shell seems very soft! What can I do? @Yvonne G
  8. Alicia Hoogstra

    Hello from MI!

    Hello! My name is Alicia and I'm from the amazing city of Grand Rapids, MI. I have a brand new baby Sulcata. It's name is Luna, I'm not sure if its a male or female, but I say "her" lol. I have been reading several threads and all I can say is WOW, and Thank you so much for everyone's...