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  1. ShirleyTX

    Researching Sand

    I'd like to start a discussion about sand. Sand has been a villain in tortoise circles for many years. Please read my whole post with an open mind -- I know a common reaction is "sand is evil". But I'd like to share some research I've done and ask you some questions, if you please. And I...
  2. ShirleyTX

    When You Don’t Close The Lid All the Way

    Kitty McGee looks like godzilla next to little Sunshine the Egyptian tortoise. There’s a red arrow pointing out my beleaguered tort. Sunshine appeared unconcerned but it startled the heck out of me. I will surely be more careful; I’ve read so many sad stories about torts and other pets.
  3. ShirleyTX

    Guess who woke up? Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    Note: Please don't be alarmed at the white oyster shell substrate in my photos. It is one of the two recommended substrates for this species! You might already know that my Egyptian tortoise arrived last Thursday and was essentially motionless for four days. I was freaking out like a mom with...
  4. ShirleyTX

    Sunshine the Egyption Tortoise: Day 3

    Note: Unlike most tortoise species, Egyptian tortoises are housed on primarily inorganic material. Please be calm when you see (the recommended) white oyster shell substrate in my photos!! I thought I would share this photo of Sunshine's behind. This is mostly what I have been looking at...
  5. ShirleyTX

    Sunshine Is In The House

    She was awake and alert when I unpacked her. She is tiny, with a lovely pale golden head and legs. She is two years old. She did not retract when I carried her to her enclosure. I started her in the water bowl but she soon moved to hide her head.
  6. ShirleyTX

    Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise Arrives Tomorrow!

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve. She is packed and in transit from New Jersey to Texas. Chris (@HermanniChris) has been my guide as I set up the Egyptian Palace. I expect I will wear out my phone checking the tracking number between now and tomorrow morning.
  7. ShirleyTX

    Finding Organic Plants for Sunshine the Egyptian Tortoise

    I'm preparing for my 2 year old Egyptian tortoise to come home. I will plant some things so I know they will be grown without chemicals. But I wanted to have some plants ready for her when she arrives in the next week or two. Chris Leone at Garden State Tortoise (her birth father, LOL) gave me...
  8. ShirleyTX

    Egyptian Tortoise -- Coming home soon!

    Hello everyone! I have been lurking on the forum for a while, studying in preparation for a tortoise of my own. I have been studying the articles and forums and Facebook groups for several years. I live in south central Texas. I am retired and a grandmother. We have a large native...
  9. ShirleyTX

    Oyster Shell Substrate Questions

    Hello! I have been lurking on the forum for a long time, but this is my first post. I am getting a 2 year old Egyptian tortoise from Chris at Garden State Tortoise. I want to have the enclosure ready and stable before she arrives. I searched and read a lot of posts; here are some questions...