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  1. Kvoigt

    Back with Sonne what do you think male or female

    Hey guys its been forever since I posted last. both my torts are growing really good! this is sonne I got him in November of 2011 he was about 18 months old and weighed 419g. today he is about 4lbs10oz :D wich is awesome! so what do you think male or female? not that it matters I don't ever plan...
  2. Kvoigt

    Kraken update!!! (PICS)

    ok pple kraken is almost 4 months old now!!:D he was about 2inches when i got him maybe a little shy from 2 inches..he was 38grams and ohhh sooo cute!!! here see... and he had to go out of state with me to visit my sick grandma just a few days after we got are a few pic from the road...
  3. Kvoigt

    Going out of town..leaving instructions

    I am leaving instructions for my mother inlaw to take care of one of my torts tomarrow till trying to leave it pretty simple and not write a book...LOL in almost on page 2...crap.. soooo lets see what i can get from you guys befor i go to bed (weve got a couple hours i still have to...
  4. Kvoigt

    going out of town.....

    so i just got a call and have to leave town thursday till sunday im bringin my hatchling with me.....any tips for that ...also im leaving sonne home and my mother inlaw will feed him and turn the light on and off but she wont touch him to soak him or anything.... soo i hope things go ok... does...
  5. Kvoigt


    ok so i picked up kraken last night and saw a bunch of teeny tiny lil mites or lice or sumthin........ i dont know if they are bothering him or not BUT i checked on sonne and saw a cple on him and his eyes were red and verry irritated....i duno what to do i just found out i have to go out of...
  6. Kvoigt

    Kraken our leopard hatchling (!!!PIC HEAVY!!)

    i sent my hubby up to check on him to make sure he hadnt flipped lol he told me he cldnt find him and this is where he was!! can you see him??:rolleyes: thanks for looking!!!!
  7. Kvoigt

    My stomache is on knots!!! ....

    I am sooo excited and worried!!! my hatchling is getting packaged up to be sent out to me right now.!!! i hope he has a safe trip im soo scared for him!! from texas to south dakota ! i do not think i will b able to sleep tonight
  8. Kvoigt

    i have very sick lil kids...i need some opinions

    i have a soon to be 4 year old and a 2 1/2 year old that was born 16 weeks early and has severe lung issues...ok thats the one sentace story :P they have had a terttable cough for about a month and today my son(the one with lung prob) hes been coughing sooo much hes already puked about 15 times...
  9. Kvoigt

    CRAP!!!! my phone was stolen!!!

    this really sux phone has EVERYTHING on it thousands of photos all my contacts including all my sons therapist and school stuff......crap this really sucks ive already cried about it...going to buy a new one today n hope that i can find the most important numbers again..... well pple wish...
  10. Kvoigt

    Powersun 160w questions/opinions??

    ok so i got the Zoomed 160w Powersun light for my leopard tort Sonne and ive only had it a cple months...(early dec.) recently it has been flickering a bit more often and or it has an automatic shut off if it gets to hot or moved around to much.. well its been shutting (4x in the last 10ish...
  11. Kvoigt

    Lookin to buy cactus!! :)

    Does any1 have a few(4 or 5) catus cuttings i cld buy?? maybe one or 2 to grow into plants and a few to feed my torts :) let me know!!!! i wld like to be able to pay through paypal. ~thanks Kaila!!
  12. Kvoigt

    1$ store going out of buisness :) i scored lol

    So i checked out the 1$ store today and things are 50% off due to going out of buisness! SCORE!!! they have all kinds of fake plants and vines and flowers! i got a few(gna go get more) just to try em out and they look very nice brightens the place up in his tort box. he has one live plant now...
  13. Kvoigt

    New adjustments to enclosure really helped humidity

    So when i went to the lumber yard to pick up things for the hatchlings tort table the other day... i also picked up some 1x4s.. i secured them around the tort table (total of 9)and stapled plastic all around and on top and it flaps down over the front. i can just lift the front part do my tort...
  14. Kvoigt

    i went to the lumber yard today :)

    soo i went to the lumber yard today to pick up the base for my hatchling tort table. i just got like half inch plywood and got the whole 4x8 sheet ;) so i have left over or future renovations lmao (his box is 4'x33"). BUT now my issue is i have everything to put this together and my only chance...
  15. Kvoigt

    sonnes growth after almost 3 months!

    This was sonne within the first week or so i got him and also a pic from about 3 months or 4 b4 i had gotten him. notice the growth (from the bottom right pic) to the rest..its not much in 3 or 4 months. AND this would be sonne as of tonight :D hes has gained more than half what his...
  16. Kvoigt

    is this a good light bulb?

    Ok so i am in the middle of getting things lined up to order for my new baby leopard tortoise and i came across this light.. zoo meds Reptile UVA Basking Spot Lamp 100watts? would this good light with a 150watt CHE at night? or would i be better off with the 5.0 floresant tube type with the CHE...
  17. Kvoigt

    I want a baby (younger) Leo tortoise!! whatcha got? :)

    :tort: ok so ive been talking to my hubby and been BEGGING him like crazy to "let" me get another tortoise. preferably a younger one maybe healthy hatchling and preferably a leopard b/c i have one already and that makes more sense :P so i think that in the next 4-5 weeks i should be able to get...
  18. Kvoigt

    SONNE!!!growth update after 8 weeks!! 20 months old now

    ok here he is!! hes grown over a half inch in length in just 8 weeks!!!! getting so big!!! hes now just over 5.5 inches and 609g after a 30 min soak and a big healthy poop :) let me know what you guys think! oh and the new growth is lookin mighty smooth!!! woot!
  19. Kvoigt

    should i be calling him a her?

    ok so i took another pic of sonne and things have changed a lil bit what do u think? him or her?
  20. Kvoigt

    Sonnes new home!!! KINDA PIC HEAVY!

    heres the start to finished look well ALMOST finished!! i know there is a few things i still NEED to do but check it out!! oh and one of the first things is putting up some gard rails on the ramp lol but he has NO, ZIP, ZERO interest in it as of now lol ok guys its time for you...