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  1. Daveypryme

    How hot is too hot

    Hello, I put my leopard tortoise outside in the morning and bring him in at night. The last few weeks it has been very hot,today is 98 f feels like 110 f. He is about 12 inches and about 9 lbs. He has a lot of shade. Will he be ok in temps like this or should he be inside?
  2. Daveypryme

    Plant ID

    Sorry if this plant is on here somewhere, it was a lot to look through and didn't notice this one. What is it? Can my leopard tortoise eat it?
  3. Daveypryme

    Possible pooping problem

    I put my tortoise in for his morning soak. And noticed him breathing out heavy, I decided to sit in the bathroom and watch him take his soak, he usually poops while he is soaking. He would breath out heavy then pull his head in his shell and pop it back out pretty fast. He did this a few times...
  4. Daveypryme

    Grass seed

    I'm getting all my seeds together to get ready to plant soon. I went to the tortoise supply website and the African grazer mix is out of stock and has been for a few weeks. Does anyone know where I could get some of the same stuff?
  5. Daveypryme

    Remodeled tortoise table

    After a lot of research and questions asked on the forum I have remodeled my tortoise table. When I first got him I was told from the pet store to keep him dry since he is an African species. He was in a tortoise table with very dry and dusty mulch with no top. This was the table that came with...
  6. Daveypryme


    Good evening everyone, I've been looking for a thermostat online and all the thermostats I'm coming across don't seem to be what I need or have the wrong plug in type. Does anyone have a recommendation of a good brand and where I could buy it? Thanks
  7. Daveypryme

    Herbal tortoise hay.

    Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone on here has bought the herbal tortoise hay on tortoise supply? And if so how did your torts like it?
  8. Daveypryme

    Indoor plants

    Hello, I would like to add some plants to my indoor enclosure. Does anyone have any plant ideas for a leopard tortoise? Thanks for the help
  9. Daveypryme

    Leopard tortoise humidity question.

    I recently got my leopard tortoise in July from a pet store and have been researching and improving his care since. I was told a lot of wrong info from the pet store I got him from. I posted on this forum about a week after purchasing I started with two leo torts, some of you might remember...
  10. Daveypryme

    Question about Leopard tort burrowing

    I've read online that leopard tortoises don't burrow. Mine has been doing this for about a week now. He has been eating normal and drinking, but has recently started to burrow under his mulch. When I put him outside to graze he eats for a bit then goes under a bush and burrows under the mulch...
  11. Daveypryme

    My red eared slider

    I haven't seen many adult RES pictures on here so I thought I would share a picture of mine. I got him as a hatchling he is 11 now
  12. Daveypryme

    Plant question

    are ferns safe to out in a leopard tortoise enclosure
  13. Daveypryme

    Male leopard tortoise

    hi everyone. I have a 5 year old male leopard tortoise I need to find a new home for. He is a little shy but very active and has a healthy apatite. I need to find a home asap i recently got my tortoises I was told they have to be kept together, then found out they are happier alone there is some...
  14. Daveypryme


    I'm new to the tortoise forum and new to owning a tortoise. I have already posted in other categories on this site. I was so anxious to find out about my new leopard tortoises I headed straight for the African tortoise thread, and skipped right past the introduction thread. I recently decided to...
  15. Daveypryme

    Need some advice (pair of males)

    hello, I'm new to this forum and owning tortoises. I recently bought two leopard tortoises from a pet store. I was told they were both 5 and have always been together, so I had to purchase both. they did not know the sexes of the torts. I recently posted pictures of them and I was told they...
  16. Daveypryme

    Males or females

    i recently purchased some leopard tortoises I was wondering if any one could help me. I'm not sure if they are male or female. I was told they are 5 years old.