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  1. TotoTheTortoise

    Are these edible?

    Hi all. I want to widen my tortoises diet and i have a bunch of stuff that grows in my garden but have no clue as to what they are and if they're safe. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Xx P.s, i live in the UK and i own a Russian #1 #2 #3 (the purple flowers). Is the wheat looking...
  2. TotoTheTortoise

    Please help- possible fungus?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if you have ever had these markings on your tortoise before. Mines a growing Russian and has got cream like spots on his shell, however it's mainly around the growth ring. I know he does not have shell rot as his plastron is looking well. Many thanks xx
  3. TotoTheTortoise

    New cream like markings?

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone else has come across markings like these on their tortoise. Is it an infection or new growth? Many thanks, Toto xx
  4. TotoTheTortoise

    Is this Pyrimading bad?

    Hi there, It was pointed out to me last week that my tortoise has some pyrimading going on. I just wanted to ask if the pyrimading looks bad? P.s one of the pictures (with the soil) was an older picture i took before changing his substrate to orchid bark. Xx
  5. TotoTheTortoise

    Can my Russian eat any of these?

    Hi all, I'm honestly loving this forum so much😁 In order to make sure my tortoise is happy, i wanted to ask if any of these weeds/flowers are suitable for him to eat. These are all grown in my garden and are not treated with insecticide or pesticides. Plant 1: i was trying to focus on the waxy...
  6. TotoTheTortoise

    Darker patches on Russian tortoise?

    Hi there, I've had my Russian tortoise for a year and a half and from about 2 months ago i noticed the color of his shell changing. He's developed these darker patches and they are a little soft (not squidgy but like..a plastic lid). He's eating fine and i have moved him into a viv so that in...
  7. TotoTheTortoise

    Horsefield Tortoise concern

    Hiii, I'm new here. It's lovely to meet you all. I just wanted to ask a few questions on here about my tortoise but first let me give you some background info. I got Toto from a family friend who said he's about a year old at the time (sep 2019). He was in a table top enclosure but only had a...