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  1. rodders

    Incandescent bulb for basking

    Hi all, I've been following advice on this forum for a while to improve everything I can for our tortoise. I picked up on a lot of forums by @Tom and @Markw84 that incandescent bulbs are better for basking than a reptile spot bulb. I'm in the UK and have struggled to find any non-LED ones...
  2. rodders

    Age guess?

    Hi folks, Firstly thank you for this forum. I have been using it for a year now to improve things for our tortoise Rodney Trotter (Rodders) and you’ve all helped with many things. My girlfriend found Rodders 2 years ago on the street where we live just outside of London. No one claimed him so...
  3. rodders

    Powdery Mildew - safe or unsafe?

    Hi all, I've been growing food for our marginated tortoise. Growing lamb's lettuce and a mix of weeds from shelled warriors seed mix. It's going well but I've noticed the lamb's lettuce is starting to get powdery mildew. I'm trying to save the crop, but had to pick out quite a lot. Does anyone...