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  1. russian tortoise boy

    Shell scab in my RT

    Hi some of you might probably remember about my RT's incident (my dog mistake her as a chew toy) and its been almost a year now after that incident. She was fine now and been doing good except that the scab is still there. It turned brownish And there is a spot where you can actually peel the...
  2. russian tortoise boy

    tortoise tragedy :(

    hi guys, im so sad right now because my russian tortoise was attacked by my dog. okay here is the story, i put my tort outside for some sun light so i locked the backyard door so my dog wouldn't go outside. then i went to my room to do some stuff. then, after a while i was calling my dog and...
  3. russian tortoise boy

    white poop/pee? and pyramiding?

    just saw a my russian tort poop or pee white stuff it kinda looks like ranch sauce. and is she pyramiding (doesn't really know about pyramiding very much). because i saw the growth line seems to be a little far of the scutes but its pretty hard and the old shell is a little higher than...
  4. russian tortoise boy

    what will happen if russian don't have uv light?

    ok i have a russian tort for about 2 months now and she still don't have uv light. but last month i put her outside for sunlight and now she can't because its cold. so is it okay for her without uv light for these month?
  5. russian tortoise boy

    best uvb/uva heat bulb for torts

    what is the best heat or light bulb my tortoise need, i heard that the powersun mvb comes with all uv light and heat in one bulb, and i heard that this infrared nocturnal heat bulb is good too but i don't know if has uv on it. please tell me about the best uva/uvb heat bulb.
  6. russian tortoise boy

    rep-cal tortoise food

    okay i told my mom to buy some turnip greens and lettuce in the store and she brings me a rep-cal tortoise food. it says all nutrients and minerals in one container, so i try to feed her with it and she ignores it! so do i have to mix it with greens until she starts eating the rep-cal tortoise...
  7. russian tortoise boy

    tortoise don't like kale?

    ok my russian tortoise seem to hate kale because when i give her kale she eats a little and leave, not like lettuce she eats it like she never ate in months. so what's the problem?
  8. russian tortoise boy

    can i put my tortoise outside in this temperature?

    i have a russian tortoise and i want to put her outside, the temp here in las vegas is 78-80 in morning to noon , noon to after noon was like 75-78 and evening is somewhere in 67-75. so is that okay for her to stay outside and get fresh air and sunlight. oh oh oh oh i forgot when summer comes...
  9. russian tortoise boy

    my russian tortoise with pics!!!

    okay im gonna show you my female russian tortoise Questions : is she an adult? do i need to wet my coco coir substrate?
  10. russian tortoise boy

    MVB bulb solar-glo or power sun

    i'm planning ti buy a mvb bulb in LLL reptile and im wondering what bulb to buy? solar glo 125/160 watts $29 something (same price), said uva/uvb and visible light, infrared heat in one bulb (didn't say how high should be placed and reach of uv light. powersun mvb bulb 100-160 watts $40...
  11. russian tortoise boy

    size questions about russian tortoise

    what is the size for a female russian tortoise to be considered as an adult? what is a size for a juvenile russian tortoise like 3"? what is the size and how do you know if a female russian tortoise is sexually mature and ready to have eggs? my female is only 5" by the way THANKS!
  12. russian tortoise boy

    why does russian tortoises need uvb/uva light/bulb?

    i bought a russian tortoise about a month ago and a little while i was searching about tort needs and i saw russian tortoises uva/b bulb and realized that my tort doesn't have that bulb for a month! so im planning to buy a uv bulb for her in a local pet store and im worried because my...
  13. russian tortoise boy

    PLEASE HELP! russian tortoise sex/gender confusion

    i have a 5 inch russian tortoise and many people said its a female. in some reason i was searching on the internet about russian tortoise and i saw this sentence "Until a male reaches 5" they often appear the same as a female", (when i read that sentence this thing pops out in my mind " my...
  14. russian tortoise boy

    how old do you think my russian is?

    i have a female russian tortoise (i searched in the internet about this but no answers.) she is 5 inches long, how old do you think she is and how many years does she take to grow up to 6-7 inches? is she small for a female russian? the friend i bought my russian from said its been 2 years...
  15. russian tortoise boy

    am i over feeding my tortoise

    i have a russian tortoise and i feed her everyday with greens such as red/green/romaine lettuce, i give her the whole lettuce size of 5 inch long and 3 inch wide. is that okay to feed her every day with greens?, isn't it overfeeding?
  16. russian tortoise boy

    are petco's russian tortoises are adult or juvenile

    im planning to buy a russian tortoise in petco and just curious if its an adult or juvenile. their tortoises are healthy, eating a lot, active,etc
  17. russian tortoise boy

    tortoise parasites/worms?

    how would you know if a tortoise have a parasites/worms? i have a russian tortoise that i bought like last month and im just concerned about her health. she is active, eats a lot, and she have all characteristics of an healthy tortoise, but still even she is active, we cant still know if she has...
  18. russian tortoise boy

    can my russian tortoise eat red leaf lettuce?

    ok i bought 3 kind of lettuce in one bucket and 1 of 3 kinds there are red leaf lettuce. can my russian tortoise eat red leaf lettuce?
  19. russian tortoise boy

    is my adult female russian tortoise small for her size?

    is my russian tortoise adult? ok is my russian tortoise adult?, fully grown? i mean because 5 inches is kinda small for an adult russian, and is it a female? long view : close up : please tel me if...
  20. russian tortoise boy

    what heat bulb should i use for my reptile

    ok i have a russian tortoise and her normal basking bulb run out and i saw this thing called "zoo med nocturnal infrared heat bulb 150 watts", so im gonna buy it. if you have any other better heat bulb you can suggest please type it in this post.