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  1. BirdHerder

    Nick says 'Happy 4th!x

  2. BirdHerder

    Mazuri On Sale

    Mazuri tortoise food is on sale buy 2 get 1 free right now on Chewy. Free shipping too. He's been getting a different brand so hopefully he'll accept the change. I feed Mazuri to my waterfowl and they seem to like it.
  3. BirdHerder

    Killer Tortoise

    My guinea hen hatched out 16 chicks yesterday and today a couple of them were found dead/mangled. The usual suspects are the peacocks or swans or perhaps even one of the other guineas. But no, my sulcata Nick was witnessed grabbing one of the chicks with his mouth then pulling his head and...
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    Lap dog? How about a lap tortoise?

    Went out to check on the birds and give Nick a shell scritch this afternoon. I sat down next to him and he decided to crawl up on me. I felt honored.Lap tort
  5. BirdHerder

    Greetings from Walla Walla

    Hello. I was given a ~9yo sulcata named Nicholas back in September. He was outside in a half-acre pen but when temperatures began to drop I built him an enclosure with heat and light inside a large (~1000sqft) greenhouse to overwinter. He has mostly stayed in his warm room only coming out...