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  1. Kim's petunia

    What temperature should you put your juvenile leopard tortoise outside in

    Having a juvenile leopard tortoise that is 11 in. Living in Florida , it's wet and humid, I know the humidity is good for babies but what about juveniles . I know she needs to be outside. She has a house and she comes in at night regardless. what humidity and wetness can they tolerate...
  2. Kim's petunia

    Outdoor houses

    Hi ,my three-year-old leopard needs to go outside. I need to make her a house, one of the internet channels , a woman made a house ,out of the Rubbermaid garbage can shed. She insulated it and put a heater in it. Looked good too me. I found a large Rubbermaid shed for garbage cans on sale...
  3. Kim's petunia

    Is this normal for leopard tortoise

    I have a 3 year old leopard tortoise. I had her shipped and received her last Thursday. When I unwrapped her she seemed to be alert fine she had done a big poop so I gave her a wash with water, than she soak for about 20 minutes. Thursday evening she started throwing. I called her vet and...
  4. Kim's petunia

    Help - new leopard tortoise

    Hi. Just got a leopard tortoise she is 3. 11inches there are a lot of information about feeding babies which I have some babies. But not a lot on juveniles. So I need some help please help me