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  1. domagoj

    New UVB light

    The time to change the light bulb in my tortoise enclosure has finally come. Previously "he"(not sure yet) had an arcadia 12% uvb bulb. It's been in there since June with around 2 months not being used. I went to the place I always get my bulbs from but they only had 6% uvb ones. I got one and...
  2. domagoj

    Possible shell rot???

    I noticed some discoloration on my hermanns underside. I'm concerned it might be shell rot. He's active and eats well. He also gets daily 30 minute soaks. I've already applied some antibiotic ointment as a percaution. Oh and here's a picture of the enclosure. I know it's kinda small but it's...
  3. domagoj

    Added new plants to my enclosure

    Last night I added two new plants to my enclosure. On the left there's a squash plant and on the right aloe vera. I don't expect aloe vera to last a long time since it's his favorite. I've put a peace of plastic around the squash in hope it will make it last longer. I'm going to post another...
  4. domagoj

    First time drawing a tortoise

    This is my first attempt at drawing a tortoise. What do you all think. Be gentle
  5. domagoj

    Hermanns hates mazuri

    I tried to feed Marley some mazuri mixed with his favorite greens. At first he seemed to like it but then I noticed he spits it out. I just received mazuri yesterday so maybe he'll like it in the future. Oh and it's Mazuri LS because I wasn't able to find any of the original stuff. I know that...
  6. domagoj

    Everybody say hi to Marley

    Hi everyone. My name is Marley and I just came to my new owner. I'm one year old hermanns tortoise. When I arrived I was given a nice long soak. Then I ate some young dandelion leafs and contemplated a rose leaf. If there's anything wrong with my enclosure please feel free to to tell my owner...
  7. domagoj

    New enclosure for a baby hermans

    Hey everyone! So I'm going to get my one year old hermans tortoise some time next week. I was just wondering if the enclosure I've set up is going to work for the little guy/girl. The bedding is organic peat moss. the hide still needs to have a hole cut out and buried half way. Also I still need...
  8. domagoj

    Captive or wild????

    Hi everyone! New member here So story goes this way: My family's friends have a couple of wild caught hermanns tortoises. They keep them in the garden. Couple of days ago they noticed something digging out of the ground, turned out it was 7 baby tortoises. Now my question is are they considered...