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  1. Jay Bagley

    Tortoise table $150 obo.

    5 ft long, by 3 and a half ft wide. Comes with light fixtures and bulbs. In Grand Rapids area in the state of Michigan. Please email for any questions or more information. Thank you.
  2. Jay Bagley

    Happy Friday

    Been the longest week ever!! Happy Friday to all.
  3. Jay Bagley


    I noticed today my testudo mix that I have been growing is infested with these tiny little bugs. They are in clusters all over. Was wondering if these are aphids? I took the best picture I could, every time I tried going in a little closer, it would get super blurry.
  4. Jay Bagley

    Just felt like sharing

    I noticed there's been a lot of talk lately about mvb's. I did a little experiment of my own, I'm just merely sharing the results. I don't have enough experience with tortoises, tortoise lighting, anything tortoise related to have a debate with anybody. This is my first tortoise. That's not the...
  5. Jay Bagley

    Baby steps

    So I ran out to our field to pick some weeds. I found a lot of these towards the back. I thought today I would put on my big boy pants, and try to identify this before I ask you guys. I found pictures on the web that are very similar, is this chicory? I also read if it is, it is safe to feed.
  6. Jay Bagley

    Is this a type of thistle?

    Found these plants today along the strip of power lines by the field I get most of my weeds. I can't believe how tall they were, they were huge. Was wondering are they a form of thistle?
  7. Jay Bagley

    Happy Fourth of July

    Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. Sheldon would probably pee on me if I dressed him up like this.
  8. Jay Bagley


    I put three AcuRite digital thermometers throughout my enclosure, and they've been reading between 91 and 93°. When I hit the exact same spots with my temp gun, it's reading 5° cooler no matter what spot in the enclosure I hit it with. Do you think my temp gun may possibly be bad?
  9. Jay Bagley

    Why did the snapping turtle cross the road?

    Because the chubby guy driving the S10 pickup helped him Picked this guy up off the road today.
  10. Jay Bagley

    One of the dumbest things I've ever done

    So I took my dog chase to the dog park. It's a pretty nice park, large fenced-in area where the dogs can all run free off leash. There are also some trails where they can run leash-free. We had gotten some rain recently, and found out my dog absolutely loves wallowing in the mud. The pictures...
  11. Jay Bagley

    Out with the old, in with the new.

    Sheldon has been living in a tortoise table for the first three plus years of his life. Until joining the forum, I was pretty happy with the setup and thought I was doing everything right. I learned with my first post that a tortoise table is not the way to go, and I want humidity and a closed...
  12. Jay Bagley

    Happy Father's Day

    Hope everybody has a great Father's Day.
  13. Jay Bagley

    Wild grape vine?

    Was wondering if this is a wild grape vine or not? Also took a couple pictures of a plant that has yellow flowers and was wondering what it is and if it is safe. Thank you in advance.
  14. Jay Bagley

    Coolest road rescue of the year

    I don't know if there's more turtle's out on the road this year, or now that I have a tortoise and have joined this forum I'm just paying more attention while driving. On the way out to Walmart to get a new mini blind because my dog got the cord stuck on his collar and yanked it down destroying...
  15. Jay Bagley

    Map turtle?

    I picked this turtle up off the side of the road, is this a map turtle?
  16. Jay Bagley


    Was wondering if the first one is narrow leaf plantain? Picture two and three are of a different weed, no idea. Our field is full of them and was wondering if they should be avoided or not. Thank you.
  17. Jay Bagley

    This forum is not only beneficial, it's awesome.

    I figured the title of the post from yesterday should have gone a little more like this. Just wanted to say thanks everybody for all the great information, help, and constructive criticism you have given me. Sheldon thanks you too.
  18. Jay Bagley

    Field grass

    My mom and dad's field used to be nothing but alfalfa. The field has not been reseeded in well over a decade or more. So the Alfalfa is patchy at best. The majority of the field now is clover and this natural grass that has seemed to take over. I was wondering if this wild grass would be...
  19. Jay Bagley

    Road Rescue #2

    Got this little guy off the road today, he or she was pretty cute.
  20. Jay Bagley

    plastron questions

    I have two questions, the one that I'm most concerned about is that Sheldon has developed a small crack or split on his plastron. I'm not sure how he did it, but I was curious if something like that will heal over time and if there's any precautions I should take with it. My other question is he...