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  1. Marty333

    Interrupting Nesting

    Hello everyone! Haven’t posted in here in quite a while but I’m in need of some advice! My older red foot tortoise (approximately 15) started nesting today. I haven’t seen her nesting recently so it may just be a test spot. What I’m concerned about is she’s still in her outdoor pen nesting and...
  2. Marty333

    Happy Birthday Nova!

    So it has been exactly one year since I got my lovely Nova when I first got her she was just under 6in and now she is just under 6.5in! She has also grown from 530g to 673g! I don't know if her growth is going at the right rate or not but she seems to be thriving. There is only one negative I...
  3. Marty333

    Long Time No See

    Hi Everyone! I havent been here on awhile do to starting school up again but her are some recent pictures of my Nova :) She loves making fun of me :P She loves her rubs :D Also I will be putting a video up at some point haha
  4. Marty333

    Nova's Temporary Outdoor Enclosure

    Until I complete Nova's full outdoor enclosure I through together a simple one because I had a feeling she was getting all depressed in her cage because she didn't spend as much time as she would like outside. I will still bring her in at night because it doesn't have a top but for the day time...
  5. Marty333

    Clean up (Very pic heavy!!!!)

    So today I took on the task of cleaning up Nova's filthy cage. It was starting to smell horrible and the smell intensified the more I got into it. Nova trying to escape (: Uh oh! She's a big girl (: Eying the weak spot once again! At it again (: Final Product...
  6. Marty333

    Hatchling Fever

    So for about a month now I have been thinking of the possibility of getting another tortoise. More recently I have been thinking of getting a hatchling because I want to watch it grow. I was thinking of a redfoot of course but I have also been pondering the possibility to maybe get a leopard...
  7. Marty333

    Can You Spot Her?

    So I woke up this morning and found a huge mess in Nova's cage as usual. I have to refresh her water dish about 5 times a day because she loves to get it all dirty! For a second I couldn't find Nova but eventually I did ;) Did you find her...
  8. Marty333

    Nova Video
  9. Marty333

    I Spoil Her

    Can you love something too much??? :P
  10. Marty333

    Like!! Please!!

    If you have a facebook can you like Nova's photo so she can be the new mascot for this group! I dont know if this is in the right spot so please move it if it is in the wrong place.
  11. Marty333


    I was wondering if any of you guys have penpals? I have quite a lot! Two from Germany. One from moscow and one from Scotland. I love talking to people from different countries and learning about their cultures!
  12. Marty333

    Finally Found Myself A Florida Gopher Tortoise!

    I have been looking nonstop for a wild Gopher Tortoise to take pictures of. I marked burrows and would go out weekly to see if I could catch any action. Sadly I never saw one until I unexpectantly came across one on Easter Day. (Be prepared to read a little bit because it's now story time) I was...
  13. Marty333

    Sweet 16 & never been kissed!

    April 3rd Birthdays????? :P :D :rolleyes: I'm pretty sure someone has a birthday today ;)
  14. Marty333

    Nova's New Lap Pool

    I was getting tired of Nova's original water bowl the other day it cracked. I got this kitchen organizer thing that has a rubber sole so she won't slip around it is rectangular so it reminds me of a lap pool :) here are some pics.
  15. Marty333

    LOL I want this XD How awesome is that!!
  16. Marty333

  17. Marty333

    Nova's Future Outdoor Enclosure

    The other day was a huge plant sale at Harry P. Leu Gardens. Me and my dad go every year but this was the first year I had a tortoise on my mind :D. I got some veggies and tropical plants that are non toxic to spruce up her outdoor enclosure when my dad is finished creating it. I got this...
  18. Marty333

    Toxic Plants

    I was wondering why we all are so worried about our tortoises getting into toxic plants. Of course I know we wouldn't expose them on purpose but what if there happens to be a plant that is good for them. Of course we would think that we have to rip them out but don't tortoises in the wild...
  19. Marty333

    My Thoughts
  20. Marty333


    Every time a clean out Nova's water and refresh it she goes and soaks in it but once she is done she starts digging right next to it and makes the water all muddy!! She sleeps there for a while and then moves back to her regular spot. Is she just being a rebel or is there some logic behind this...