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  1. Jeanettics

    Russian loves to poop on things

    Little Tortellini just loves to poop on anything I put in his enclosure. I get it, when you gotta go you gotta go. For whatever reason, he has a preference to do his business on everything but his substrate! Oh, some cute fake succulents? Perfect. A couple DIY hides for climbing and burrowing...
  2. Jeanettics

    Arcadia T5 6% or 12% for Russian tortoise

    I've been searching through the threads to find information on the difference between the Arcadia T5 6% and 12% UV tubes. I just purchased the 6% because I thought it meant I can hang it at a lower height (I'm not sure where I got this idea from--please let me know if I'm misunderstanding). I...
  3. Jeanettics

    New indoor enclosure for Russian Tortoise

    I used an old bookshelf to create a new enclosure for Tortellini. It’s 69” x 28” x 9.5” so not quite big but definitely a step up! I’m hoping when I move to a new place in September I can create an outdoor enclosure for him. I was a bit nervous posting because everyone here is so knowledgeable...
  4. Jeanettics

    Newbie owner of Russian Tortoise!

    Hello there! I’m a student at UC Davis and I have recently welcomed a small Russian Tortoise into my home :D His name is Tortellini and his age is unknown. I’ve built him a small indoor enclosure and am in the process of painting it! I will definitely have lots of questions and am excited to...