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  1. JustAnja

    CHUNKY Sterling Silver Reptile Themed charm bracelet

    I made this piece in 2009 and it has been packed away ever since. It has never been worn. Geckos, Turtles and Frogs! Big, CHUNKY Sterling Silver Reptile Themed charm bracelet. - Sterling silver, Bali silver, vintage glass beads, jade, Czech beads, Dyed blue Lapis beads, handmade glass...
  2. JustAnja

    My Scout

    I just wanted to share a picture of my oldest son Loren, who will be graduating from OSUT (AIT & Basic training combined at one location for specialized fields) at Ft Knox in 2 weeks as a Cavalry Scout. He will be stationed at Ft Campbell, KY with the 101st Airborne Air Assault. Its been a...
  3. JustAnja

    SEWERFest Aug 2nd Sturtevant, WI

    Just a few days away, Sewerfest captive bred only reptile show. August 2, 2009 10am - 3pm Adults: $5, Children 12 and under: $1 Fountain Banquet Hall, Sturtevant, WI Crotalus & Company will be there, so stop by and say hello if you make it...
  4. JustAnja

    2.3 LTC Three Toed Box Turtles

    I have decided to sell the last of my Box Turtles to try and fund another project. I have 2.3 LTC Three Toeds available. One female is HUGE at about 550grams. All have nice color, no plain Janes in this group. Males both have orange faces with white lips and bright yellow legs. They have been...
  5. JustAnja

    Looky whats peeking out at me :)

    Looks whats peeking out at me :) The first baby Three Toed Boxie for the year.
  6. JustAnja

    Babies in the making

    Well the Three Toed Boxie eggs that I really didnt think were good FINALLY are showing veins when candled. lol Took them forever - but I was determined not to throw them out until the rotted. ;) These came out of Big Bertha, my largest female Boxie. Now the waiting..... :rolleyes: This is Big...
  7. JustAnja

    Crested Gecko Youngsters

    I have a few well started Crested Gecko youngsters available for sale at this time. All are between 6wks and 5 months of age. All are feeding on Crested Gecko diet, with babies older than 3 months getting the occasional cricket or feeder roach as well. I provide a care sheet and enough Crested...
  8. JustAnja

    Oral Speculas

    A Specula is designed to hold a reptile's mouth open for medical inspection and force feeding. These work great for turtles and tortoises. Set of 4 sizes 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" $12.00 plus shipping. Email for more information or to purchase. [email protected]
  9. JustAnja

    Chlorhexadine Disinfectant

    Chlorhexadine (Virosan, Nolvasan)disinfectant is a bactericide/virucide used in Veterinary hospitals and lab/animal facilities. You can use this disinfectant to clean cages, water bowls and cage furniture. Spray the cage down and wipe dry with a paper towel, no need to rinse. Water bowls can be...
  10. JustAnja

    A wormy buffet

    A few of my Three Toed Boxies enjoying breakfast this morning. :) Nom nom nom nom
  11. JustAnja

    WARNING- HR6311 Reintroduced as HR669- BAN ON BOAS & PYTHONS!

    Folks don't think this can't effect you if you don't keep these species, if they pass this your species of interest could be next. Think about it. Below you will read a press release by the most powerful Animal Rights Group on the planet. As predicted by USARK, HR6311 has been reintroduced as...
  12. JustAnja

    Courses Offered For Those Wanting To Qualify For Soon To Be Required FWC Cert.

    NEWS RELEASE The Center for North American Herpetology St. George Island, Florida 7 January 2009 COURSES OFFERED FOR THOSE WANTING TO QUALIFY FOR SOON TO BE REQUIRED FWC CERTIFICATION Individuals interested in working with gopher tortoises must demonstrate a certain...
  13. JustAnja

    I'm sooooo in looooooove!

    Ive been waiting on this litter with baited breath. My roomies are giving me a puppy from this litter of AKC Neapolitan Mastiffs and Im so excited. Mom started delivering during the night. 2 girls and a boy so far. This is my favorite color of Neapolitans, its called Tawny. I love how they look...
  14. JustAnja

    My first Crested Gecko babies have started hatching :)

    My first Crested Gecko hatchlings have begun to arrive :) I have 5 out of the egg right now that hatched within the last week and a half. I even had one arrive on Halloween that has been dubbed *Pumpkin Jack* :) They are sooo tiny. I have several more eggs cooking and two of my girls are still...
  15. JustAnja

    Adult and subadult Colubrid Snakes

    I know they arent tortoises but I also know we have a few snake folks on the site too :P 1.0 California King adult, chocolate/white desert phase. Big boy. $50 1.1 California King adults, black/white desert phase. $100/pr 1.0 California King subadult, chocolate/white stripe. $50 1.0...
  16. JustAnja

    Eastern Hermanns Tortoise Group

    After much thought I have decided to part with my last group of tortoises due to just having too much on my plate these days. This group consists of 1.3 Eastern Hermanns. Sold as a group only, I will not split the group up. Two females are proven, one female is just getting to breeding...
  17. JustAnja

    A visit with my mentor

    I took some time and went by to see my old Tortoise/Turtle mentor from years ago for a visit. He is an older gentleman in his 70s and he and his wife are the sweetest people ever. The two Redfoots he has had over 40 years now, the smaller one is the female and she finally stopped laying eggs...
  18. JustAnja

    Adult and Subadult Redfoot Tortoises

    I have decided to part with my Redfoot group to lighten my load a little. I would prefer to sell as a group if at all possible. The group consists of the following animals. Male, this is a LTC male that has been in country a few years now. No fresh import here, all the hard work has been...
  19. JustAnja

    Gorgeous Tortoise Food

    It is definitely a plus when something that is being grown for the torts to eat is beautiful as well. This is the Hibiscus I picked up last weekend at the Farmers Market that has been grown without chemicals so is already safe for the torts. :) Im sure they will relish these giant blooms. They...
  20. JustAnja

    Any ideas?

    This was caught in TX, any ideas? Weird domed carapace plus looks of a Cooter or something along that lines.