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  1. dmilam

    North Texas Newb

    She was not amused with my attempts to take pictures. She would not sit still. This photo actually looks like she’s starting to pyramid? It appears worse in the photo? Tortoise Buffet! Eating her greens!
  2. dmilam

    Making sure your tortoise is taken care of when you’re gone

    Its one of the reasons I keep history in a log book. I’ve also talked to my youngest son about taking on it’s care when I’m gone. Its part of being a responsible pet owner.
  3. dmilam

    Tortoise for adoption? I suggest you research the breeds and their requirements before you adopt. Feeding, housing and general care varies greatly depending on the species.
  4. dmilam

    North Texas Newb

    I dont know why I didnt think to take pictures. I'll take some tonight and update the post.
  5. dmilam

    North Texas Newb

    Havent been around much since losing tapatalk but I thought I would drop by and update everyone on this little adopted tortoise. In July '19, this little tortoise weighed in at a whopping 26 grams. I was doing daily soaks and feeding greens, dandelions, romaine, green leaf and opuntia. Calcium...
  6. dmilam

    Holy this...

    This is a very good point and something that really helped my greek tortoise. In July '19 adopted a seven month old tortoise that wouldn't go in its water plate. A few months ago, I changed from outside container soaks to placing fresh, warm, water in the plate and placing the tortoise in that...
  7. dmilam

    New to me tortoise!

    Great looking tortoise... Glad you rescued her.
  8. dmilam

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    unusable is correct... its a step backward.
  9. dmilam

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    I donated $10 on my second day. I still have all the ads?
  10. dmilam

    Calathea lancifolia - Rattlesnake Plant - Is it tortoise safe?

    Does anyone know if this plant is safe for a tortoise to eat? There is a safe calathea in the tortoise table but its not this one. I considered putting it in my tortoise enclosure but I'm not sure if its safe should they decide to eat it. Literature says it's cat and dog safe but that's about it.
  11. dmilam

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    When you open a thread, the "new posts" links is gone. You have no choice but to backspace and then press new posts again. I figured it out, you have to open each page and let it load than you can backspace and press new posts again to refresh the thread list. So in the case of Cold Dark Room...
  12. dmilam

    Tortoise sanctuary

    I have my little Greek hatchling and no desire to adopt anymore.
  13. dmilam

    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Thats impressive! Hopefully this is the first of many!
  14. dmilam

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    I do the same but when I read a thread and go back, it still shows the thread. It doesn’t automatically refresh?
  15. dmilam

    The Tortoise Forum App is going to be disabled on Oct 1, 2019

    This was a step backward for this forum. More and more people are using web devices and shutting down access makes no sense. When I read the forums on my iPad with the app or Tapatalk it would show new threads and clear them as you read them. Using the web version it doesn’t clear threads so you...
  16. dmilam


    The web version on the iPad sucks. The threads don’t disappear after you read them so you have to scroll through all of them.
  17. dmilam

    Spineless opetunia with no glochidia?

    Lol, that’s why I asked. He sells three pounds for $20, which is fine. I’m just curious how many that is.
  18. dmilam

    Frustrating Feed Store Experience

    I was in the research phase of my tortoise journey. It’s amazing how much BAD information is out there.
  19. dmilam

    Tortoise sanctuary

    Are these adult tortoises and how many is more?
  20. dmilam

    Male Hermanns needs new home

    Might be a good idea to post a couple pictures so people can see what you have.