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  1. Biff Malibu

    7 year old male Sulcata for adoption - Torrance, California

    It's definitely nothing to be happy about, although we'll feel a lot better when we connect with someone responsible to take care of him in the future. Don't worry, we're not desperate to have him adopted. Finding the right home is more important. I've always thought he was a handsome tortoise...
  2. Biff Malibu

    7 year old male Sulcata for adoption - Torrance, California

    I have a male Sulcata (Frank), 7 years old, about 60 pounds, which I must regretfully put up for adoption. The tortoise is located in South Torrance, California (Los Angeles, Area code 90505). He is perfectly healthy - and would come with a great custom enclosure and heat mat, which cost around...
  3. Biff Malibu

    Professor Chaos Update

    Thought I would share an update on professor chaos. The new picture is "him" at about one year after I got him. He's been growing pretty well and the shell looks pretty smooth. Thanks to everyone on the forum for your tips and help for Sulcata care. -Biff
  4. Biff Malibu

    bulldog in the bed!

    First picture is so awesome. HAHAHAHAHA
  5. Biff Malibu

    the new "what do you look like" thread

    What was the name of the cartoon wolf that would howl and whistle when he saw an attractive woman? That's what I'm doing over here. LOL!
  6. Biff Malibu

    help! (sulcata flips over)

    Not much. Where there's a will, there's a way. Keep an eye on him, Mine did the same thing for a while and eventually seems to have grown out of it.
  7. Biff Malibu

    sick sulcata?

    Different vet. Preferably someone with a reputation for reptile knowledge. Keep in mind that even human doctors often misdiagnose/underdiagnose quite often. I can throw out all different types of hypotheses, although nothing is going to beat a first hand examination by a professional. The good...
  8. Biff Malibu


    Looks good.
  9. Biff Malibu

    sick sulcata?

    I would say no to that for the following reason. Opti-Free is a multi-purpose disinfecting solution, also you probably have the bottle open, which could compromise its sterility for this type of use (which is the most important factor) Saline solution is basically just sterile salt water...
  10. Biff Malibu

    sick sulcata?

    Did you take her to see the vet in person, or was this information discussed over the phone? Pics of eye bubbles?
  11. Biff Malibu

    Sleeping all day

    NICE!!! There is no real answer on what will get him to eat, only food suggestions, and keep him nice and warm. Warm water soaks seem to get my tort in the mood to eat. You'll have to try some different things and he'll eventually come around. Like the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water..."
  12. Biff Malibu

    need some information on how to help a blind Sulcata

    A lot of people have the misconception that pets need "friends" , they don't. Most animals that live together aren't "friends", they simply coexist while competing for food and attention. I'm not telling you this to upset you, but its a very real possibility that bullying and fighting can...
  13. Biff Malibu

    need some information on how to help a blind Sulcata

    The torts may do fine while small, although they will most likely physically battle when older. Trust the other members about this, they will eventually need separate areas.
  14. Biff Malibu

    who is Tom??

    Tom is the omnipotent and omnipresent elemental force of the universe. He is a benevolent overlord on this forum where he acts as judge, jury and executioner. He is your hero, he is the wind beneath your wings. I jest. Tom's a cool guy who likes tortoises, ALTHOUGH I do commend him for his...
  15. Biff Malibu

    Young Sulcatas

  16. Biff Malibu


    I saw that commercial about 4 months after having a hatchling and jokingly said they're mainstream now.
  17. Biff Malibu

    Sleeping all day

    Tough Question. Something you'll have to think about for a while. I think that if I was a tortoise I wouldn't have much issue with it. I don't think your tort is going to lay up at night bumming on it. Reptiles are much more resilient and FAR less introspective than humans. Compared to some of...
  18. Biff Malibu

    Sleeping all day

    I don't know about using that type of bulb for a sulcata. I have two issues with it, one is that its still "fluroescent" and it doesn't say the wattage. I live in LA too, the 100w powersun is the way to go for right now. I'd also get a 100 or 150 watt CHE and put it on a thermostat. After...
  19. Biff Malibu

    Do you think the world is going to end? I'll go with NASA's opinion on the subject.
  20. Biff Malibu

    Do you think the world is going to end?

    Are you referring to the Mayan Calendar? 12/21/12? Or is this just a generalized end of the world questionnaire? What's funny is that there is no indication in the Mayan artifacts that point towards an apocalypse prediction - That is all modern created hypotheses based on "The lack of a...