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  1. Kirin

    Need 2 Find A Home!

    This guy was found by my boyfriend coworker. He knows I have tortoises so wants to give him to me. He found him in his yard when he was mowing. He did run the turtle over because he didn't know he was there. You can see he has a little mark on his shell. I don't do water turtles, I have...
  2. Kirin

    Safe plants or not safe plants, that is the question

    i am getting ready to expand my leopards enclosure and was wondering if these plants need to be moved or not? this is aloe, which i know is safe, but should i move it out of the enclosure?
  3. Kirin

    Help with ID

    Not sure what type of tortoise this is, can someone please help?
  4. Kirin

    organic soil help?

    I not sure on what kind of organic soil to use, can anyone help? I will be putting into my Thor’s (sulcata) outside box. I was looking at Home Depot but everything looks to be just a mulch with manures in it. Help please! Thank you
  5. Kirin

    I Need Help!!

    I have worked so hard on my garden in my entry way. It has taken awhile for the baby tears to fill in and cover all the ground. Now that summer is upon us, I get caterpillars and slugs in this area eating up the baby tears. I was hoping that someone here knows a natural way in keeping these...
  6. Kirin


    I planted these plants at the end of last summer. I never knew that they would grow so big and last so long. I am pretty impressed! They are almost as tall as my brick wall. You can see where I started picking the plant down at the bottom. Kale loves to grow in So Cal. It's Thor's favorite!
  7. Kirin

    Where's Sheldin?

    It’s time to bring her in and at first glance I did not see her. I Found Her!!! Close up!! She is just to CUTE!!
  8. Kirin

    Happy with the New Enclosure!!!!!!

    I have to say that I am so happy with her new enclosure. It holds the humidity in so much better than her old one did. With her old one I had to use a humidifier and with the new one not at all. I just added a second story to give her more room and to keep her from getting bored. She seems to...
  9. Kirin

    Help with Plants?

    This popped up in my garden and I have no idea what it is, any help please? I was also wondering if these are edible for my sulcata and leopard Thanks for the help.
  10. Kirin


    I checked the tortoise table and the sulcata and leopard edibles to see if gladiolus were on there. They were not on either one. Does anyone know if the flowers are edible for a sulcata?
  11. Kirin

    CTTC Long Beach

    Went to the Long Beach CTTC show today. I like talking with other turtle tortoise owners and to see their collections. I had a good time. Picked this up, just had to have it. I also won the raffle and the prize was a year membership of the CTTC. Pretty cool. So I was wondering if it is just...
  12. Kirin

    Just picked this up today

    I picked this up for $30 today. It is 48 x24 x 24. It gives Sheldin more room to roam. Her old one was 41 x 15 x 24. This one has more ground space. This is her old one. Plus she has her outside enclosure. Happy girl for now!
  13. Kirin

    sheet moss

    Okay where do i buy sheet moss? Is it alive when you buy it, and i can keep it growing?
  14. Kirin

    Project Done!

    So Sheldins enclosure is DONE! I planted plants that I had around my yard. Baby tears, lavender, succulent( chick and hen), Dianthus, seeded with grazing tortoise mix, chicory seeds, and dandelions. Hope you guys like it. I know I do!
  15. Kirin

    Outside Enclosure project started

    Here is the space where Sheldins new outside home will be. I was thinking about putting in a little pond area for her but I am concerned about mosquitos. Does anyone else have a problem with this? I will post pics as I go.
  16. Kirin

    outside enclosure for my leopard

    Sheldin is now a 1 1/2 year old , she weighs 394 grams, and is 4 ½ inches long. I was thinking of building her an outside enclosure for the summer. I would still bring her inside at night but would like to keep her outside all day. Would this be okay for her size and age?
  17. Kirin

    Thor owners

    This is just a little info about how Thursday got its name. I thought it was neat because I have a Thor. Thursday The day named after the Norse god Thor. In the Norse languages this day is called Torsdag.The Romans named this day dies Jovis ("Jove's Day"), after Jove or Jupiter, their...
  18. Kirin

    Reptile Super Show

    This weekend is the reptile super show at the L.A. fairplex. I'm going! Soooooo excited! I missed the last one, not missing this one.
  19. Kirin

    OMG! (eating substrate)

    So Sheldon has been constipated that last few days. He has been having a hard time getting his poo out and when he finally does it is really hard. Yesterday after his soak I put him down on the floor with my daughter so I could do some clean up in his tank. My daughter said he was trying to...
  20. Kirin


    Picked this up today. Wal-Mart 50% off plants