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  1. Tortoise MasterMan

    Russian Tortoise won't lay

    My Russian tortoise mated in spring and hasn't laid since. There have been many test holes and Ive used many methods, but she just won't lay. ANything I could try that's worked for any of you?
  2. Tortoise MasterMan

    Henbit Deadnettle-Is it OK to Feed?

    I have his weed growing all all over my yard, and after checking the Tortoise Table database, it was listed as Feed Sparingly because it was toxic to horses and some other animals. Does anyone have any experience feeding this to their tortoises? It also states that many other sites list it as safe.
  3. Tortoise MasterMan

    Temperature Gun

    I am currently looking for a good temperature gun, but I can't find many cheap ones on amazon. Does anyone know of a good place to find one, or has a good used one to sell?
  4. Tortoise MasterMan

    Why Doesn't "Hermanni Haven Have Russians

    I have looked at "Hermanni Haven" for russians, but even though they specialize in testudo species, there were no russians. This confuses me a little. Does anyone know why this is?
  5. Tortoise MasterMan

    Best Russian Tortoise Foods

    I am trying to liven up my Russian's diet, and am wondering what some of your favorite russian foods are. Personally, I think kale is a good one, as well as dandelion leafs and flowers. Also, I have heard melons are god for tortoises because they are both a fruit and a vegetable, and provide...
  6. Tortoise MasterMan

    Can you use a regular flood bulb for a heat lamp?

    I have tried to buy heat bulbs before, and it is super confusing. Is there a good bulb (Not Mercury Vapor) that can be used for russians? I have heard that you can use regular flood bulbs as a heat lamp. Does anyone have any specific flood bulbs that they know work? Thanks!
  7. Tortoise MasterMan

    Russian Tortoise Hatchling Habitat

    Hi! I took care of a Russian for a few year before I could not give it the time it needed, so I had to put it up for adoption. Now that I have more time, I want to start breeding Russians. I just want to know what habitat/substrate to use for the potential babies. Also, if anyone has a female...
  8. Tortoise MasterMan

    How do you take care of an Indian Star Tortoise Hatchling?

    I am interested in buying one but don't have any experience with one. If you know anything about the type of humity and temperature. they need, please help.