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  1. Toddrickfl1

    Need ID for found tortoise

    This is the easiest way to tell
  2. Toddrickfl1

    We're going to Steamy Georgia for Today's Birthday. . .

    Happy birthday, hope it's a great one!
  3. Toddrickfl1

    Yellow Spot, Fungus ?

    That's not good to hear.......
  4. Toddrickfl1

    Baby red foot tortoise lost his nails and badly damaged his shell, what should I do?

    How are you housing this tortoise, indoors, outdoors? It looks like damage from an animal like a Rat possibly.
  5. Toddrickfl1

    Stolen Box Turtles in GA

    People suck sometimes.....
  6. Toddrickfl1

    Need ID for found tortoise

    If you post pictures of the top of the head we can probably determine which it is.
  7. Toddrickfl1

    Happy Birthday, Brooke!

    Happy birthday, hope it's a great one!
  8. Toddrickfl1

    FedEx Foul-up (it turned out okay in the end)

    I'm in the shipping business and FedEx has been absolutely ridiculous lately. If you have a choice, always go with UPS over FedEx.
  9. Toddrickfl1

    Extremely disappointed

    Unfortunately this kind of thing is pretty common with Tortoise Town.
  10. Toddrickfl1

    Need ID for found tortoise

    That's a Redfoot, or possibly a Yellowfoot.
  11. Toddrickfl1

    HELP! Piece of Styrofoam blew into tortoise enclosure

    The suspense is killing me lol🤞
  12. Toddrickfl1

    Respiratory Infection Help

    My redfoot clucks like a chicken when he's..... shall we say "Feeling Frisky". I'm not sure if other species do that too though. In any case is he's eating and going to the bathroom, I wouldn't stress too much.
  13. Toddrickfl1

    only wants to eat kale

    Chances are you found a Desert Tortoise which is native to AZ and not a Sulcata.
  14. Toddrickfl1

    male or female?

    2-3 years might still be too young to tell.
  15. Toddrickfl1

    Yellow Spot, Fungus ?

    Look up Yellow spot disease (Austwickia) here on the forum. It's very important you keep this tortoise separate from any other tortoises.
  16. Toddrickfl1

    Building a redfoot enclosure/live plant ideas

    All my tortoises tend to ignore it. I've been using it in my enclosures for years. I've never seen anybody eating it.
  17. Toddrickfl1

    Building a redfoot enclosure/live plant ideas

    Pothos, Boston Fern, spider plants, and liriope are my go to indoor enclosure plants.
  18. Toddrickfl1

    Flower ID…possible hibiscus?

    My Rose of Sharon are taller than a 2 story house!
  19. Toddrickfl1

    Flower ID…possible hibiscus?

    100% Rose of Sharon.
  20. Toddrickfl1

    Requesting ideas from the hive mind

    Correction, you would splice it into your outflow tube. Lemme know how it works if you do get one.