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    Humidity - how long to keep in a humid environment?

    I am building an enclosure for a baby leopard tortoise, it's going to be a heated, humidified greenhouse within an unheated sun porch in very dry Southern Colorado. I'd like to make it a fully enclosed space so that I can keep it humid enough and warm enough for both a growing tortoise and a...
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    Tortoise Garden

    Hey there - is there a source for information regarding plants for both big and small tortoises? I haven't acquired a tortoise yet, but would like to get a garden started any way - I live in THE WORST area for gardening most things (Southern Colorado) without a ton of water so many plants will...
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    Tortoise Source?

    Hi There - as you can see, I'm brand new. I haven't acquired a tortoise yet and I'm looking for a good quality breeder of large tortoises. The forum posts I see mention a few individuals, but I don't know how to contact them - do I send them a message? I'm looking for a large tortoise (I have...
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    Hello from Colorado

    Hi there - Just saying a quick Hi to the tortoise internet people. I don't currently have a tortoise friend at my house, but I am a looong time reptile keeper (started with way too many anoles when I was 10, progressed through chameleons, geckos, frogs, probably many more that I'm not...