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  1. Jyo

    Any male/female guesses here?

    Here is my baby. Approx a year old. I know it's hard to be sure at this age but in guessing female??
  2. Jyo

    Does my Mango look healthy?

    Hello! Mango became part of our family last July. According to the pet store, he/she was about 4 months old which means Mango would be about a year old now. We try our best to make sure she's healthy by doing all the "right things". The only place I fear we are failing her is in her diet. She...
  3. Jyo

    Spa day

    Mango loves to stand in front of the moisture being pumped into the enclosure. Maybe it's a girl? I don't know a girl that doesn't love a facial. :)
  4. Jyo

    My Redfoot will only eat these!!

    I'm not sure if these are mazuri pellets or just pet store tortoise food, but that's the ONLY thing Mango will eat. I've tried everything under the sun. All kinds of produce, weeds, succulents, grasses, fruits etc. Mango will eat a bite or two of banana, strawberry, or soft carrots but that's...
  5. Jyo

    Any guesses on sex of redfoot?

    We have a young Redfoot (almost 4 inches) that the pet store we purchased from said is about 3-4 months old. I know it's hard to determine sex until they are bigger but thought maybe someone might be able to tell?
  6. Jyo

    Torti table

    When we first got our lil guy, we wanted to get him out of the aquarium so my husband built him this table fashioned after one we found on here. We are having kind of a hard time keeping the temp and humidity where we want it so getting some plexi glass today. I'm not sure we have the...
  7. Jyo

    Hello from Kansas City

    Hi :) after years of begging, my husband and I bought our 14 year old daughter a red foot tortoise for her birthday a couple weeks ago. We purchased Mango from an exotic pet store in the area. My husband built an awesome torti table for Mango and he/she has become kind of a family pet since we...