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    Coconut fiber?

    Thank you very much!
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    Coconut fiber?

    I just started using coco fiber and I have just seen some getting stuck around the eyes. Should I change the substrate or is it fine? Also is it okay if they eat a bit of the coco fiber from time to time? Thanks!
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    Help! (tortoise upside down)

    RE: Help! Thank you! I feel so relieved to hear that.
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    Help! (tortoise upside down)

    I came home from work and I saw my tortoise upside down I don't know how long it was upside down but when I flipped him back over he was a bit stunned but after awhile he ate and he looks a bit better. Should I be worried?? I am really scared.
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    Yes but like the actual plant itself
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    Is chia okay to feed to my sulcatas? Does anyone know if there is a fast way of growing them? Thanks!
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    Hello everyone!

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    New to forum, getting an RT soon!

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    Tortoises in captivity - The whole 9 yards

    Great post!
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    Hurricane Sandy killed my tortoise.

    RIP Henry I hope you get a new tortoise and fill your life with the joy of keeping a tortoise again :D
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    Tortoise Not Growing?

    Yeah one of them started to nip on the little ones feet once it passed its growth size. But that only happened for a very short while because I guess he was really hungry. He doesn't do that anymore though. As for hogging the food they don't do that they all eat together, but I am starting to...
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    Tortoise Not Growing?

    Thanks for the replies! Also what do you guys exactly mean by "bullying"? [hr] I got one of them a month earlier than the others. So two of them i got at the same time. I got them when they were about 2 1/2 months old. [hr] How much would this cost at a vet?
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    Tortoise Not Growing?

    I have 3 Sulcata tortoises and I haven't seen one of them grow yet. Its funny because the other two are growing very fast but the smaller one is staying it size. Could there be a problem? They all eat like a champ, I have uvb for all of them also they have a hot spot around 95-100. They get...
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    Do Tortoises have lazy days?

    Hi everyone I'm here today to ask a question. Do tortoises have lazy days? Because today I woke up and I fed it and I went to work. After I came home I saw that they didn't finish there food because they always do. Also they have napping the whole day. Besides that they did eat a little though...
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    I am so sorry for your loss