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  1. Paschendale52

    Naive breeding question

    I'm not breeding any turtles or tortoises at the moment, but I had a thought that a quick internet search didn't turn up an answer to. If we incubate our eggs in a constant temperature and humidity environment, and reptile sex is dependent upon incubation temperature, how do breeders not turn...
  2. Paschendale52

    Accidental biting during feeding

    Good morning! This morning when feeding the 4 maps in the living room aquarium one of them (A) clamped down on the front hand of another (B). It seemed accidental since they were both going for the same food pellet, but A refused to let go. I picked them both up out of the water being careful...
  3. Paschendale52

    New Maps!

    Hello all! It has been a harrowing couple of days with shipments, but with the outdoor ponds (a pair of 120 gallon tanks) set up and my southern painteds and razorback musk turtles safely in them and enjoying themselves for about a month, I decided to get a couple map turtle hatchlings to go in...
  4. Paschendale52

    Map turtles in Northern California

    Hello, I'm curious if anyone has any opinions on which map turtle sub-species they really enjoy. I'm looking to get a pair of hatchling map turtles to raise in a ~120 gallon indoor aquarium and eventually transition to outdoor in a few years. I'm currently in northern california. It doesn't...
  5. Paschendale52

    "Pond" algae and update

    The outdoor tanks are now fully setup and have been for about a week. As @Toddrickfl1 anticipated there is a bit of algae growth turning the water green. I went out and added a canna and water iris to each tank along with some hyacinth to help compete and added ~50 mosquito fish. Some of them...
  6. Paschendale52

    Long time no post

    Hello everyone. I realized the other day that I havn't posted anything in a long time. Lots has changed! My wife and I moved to Bay Area, California and have gone through a couple of aquarium changes as well. I've just started a pair of 125 gallon outdoor aquariums from acrylic. Its the...
  7. Paschendale52

    Razorback Musk Turtles

    I've been reading through wand watching @Moozillion's posts about Jacques and it made me realize that I never actually posted about my musk turtles. I built a 2'x4'x2' tall tank and stand around August of 2016 shown here. The tank picture is from today, I couldn't find one of the empty tank. It...
  8. Paschendale52

    Turtles in fast moving waters

    Does anyone know of an aquatic turtle species that mostly inhabits fast flowing waters. I know most species tend to hang out in pretty calm water or calm areas of rivers, but am not familiar with any which tend to stay in fast flowing waters most of the time.
  9. Paschendale52

    Clear Growing edges on carapace

    Hi everyone! Looking my yearling southern painted turtles I noticed some clear growth on the carapace all the way around. I've noticed it in the past and just assumed its the carapace growth process to grow in clear and then color in. Can anyone verify that? I can get pictures if needed. Thanks,
  10. Paschendale52

    Southern Painted Update

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to put up some recent pictures of my two southern painted turtles. They are easily distinguished by their different sized stripes. I don't know sexes and don't know how long it takes to be able to tell, but Little Boy (thin stripe) has gotten quite a bit larger...
  11. Paschendale52

    Water circulators

    Hello, Does anyone keep a water circulator in their tank for the turtles? Like this one? The guppies and both my small southern painteds seem to enjoy hanging out right by the filter output where there is a high current. I'm curious...
  12. Paschendale52

    Reptipedia Someone on reddit is attempting to compile reptile information in a similar way to wikipedia and If various experts on species have a little time and want to help spread their knowledge and spread word about this...
  13. Paschendale52


    I've seen this a number of times, but if never fails to get a laugh. Warning: Language
  14. Paschendale52

    Collard Greens

    A couple of weeks ago I put a couple of collard green leaves into my aquarium (I'm sure someone here suggested it, but I don't recall who) and I have to say they are really enjoying it. They collards take about two days to get fully hydrated and then they just sink to a couple inches under the...
  15. Paschendale52

    Plywood Aquarium for Southern Painted Turtles

    Hello everyone! Over the last couple of months I've been working on building a plywood aquarium to house southern painted turtles. I don't know if this belongs here or in enclosures since I don't have the turtles yet, but I thought I'd go ahead and start a thread. It began with the wood...
  16. Paschendale52

    Cow Skull Decoration (Warning: Skull not totally skully and pics inside as thumbnails)

    Hello all! I work at a university with a meat lab and recently asked him if I could have a cow skull for decorating Squirtle's (three-toed box turtle) terrarium. They said yes and when I went to pick it up, I realized that their definition of "skull" and mine differed slightly. This is what I...
  17. Paschendale52

    Soaking in a colder climate

    For people who live further north where we have actual cold weather, after soaking your torts in warm water do you put them back outside immediately? I'm in Illinois, and after I soak squirtle (three-toed box turtle) it seems off to put him back in his outdoor terrarium immediately. I know that...
  18. Paschendale52

    Indoor tortoises in the living room?

    Does anyone keep their indoor enclosures in the living room? Back when I had my three-toed indoors I kept him in the bedroom so the ambient light/noise from night time TV and such wouldn't stress him or mess with his sleep cycle, not sure if it makes any difference. Just curious about what...
  19. Paschendale52

    Such thing as too deep for hatchlings?

    I've read that hatchlings of certain species like mud/musk and several others shouldn't have more than a couple inches of water, but the real acrobats like sliders and painted turtles can always have as much depth as is available. Anyone raised hatchlings of sliders/painteds with an opinion on this?
  20. Paschendale52

    New small pond

    Hello everyone! I recently upgraded squirtle's terrarium from a small (1x4') standing water pond to a circulating water pond (albeit a little smaller). The pond is made of a plastic christmas tree storage box with a little aquarium pump at the bottom and river rock to control the depth and make...