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    Whatever happens to Merlin?

    Anyone know what happened to Merlin, the sick tortoise from Burbank with the GoFundMe? I saw the original post about ten days ago, but can’t seem to find the thread anymore. Tried searching but seems like there’s nothing. Was curious if anyone knew if she got her surgery to remove the blockage?
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    Southern California Hibernation

    Curious what other folks in Southern California are doing with their outdoor tortoises right now. The weather has been all over the place. I’ve got a Mojave Desert Tortoise and I thought he was going to go down last week when it got cold, but then he came back out because it was 98 degrees...
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    Hibernation Question

    Hello, everyone — Our tortoise at a piece of a thin styrofoam plate. Basically the piece was the size of his mouth. I understand that those will usually pass on their own, but we’ve got a complication: we’re about three miles from the Bobcat fire in Southern California. We’re well out of...
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    Mojave Desert Tortoise advice.

    We’ve recently inherited a Mojave Desert Tortoise. I’ll keep this quick, as I’m hoping to get some responses as soon as possible. He came out of hibernation on Tuesday. The temperature is going to drop down to 44 degrees tonight in Pasadena, and it’s supposed to rain. His previous owner had him...