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    My Best Night Box Design Yet

    Thank you!!! @Tom Do you paint the inside? Or just the outside?
  2. goReptiles

    My Best Night Box Design Yet

    I’d love to see the original photos. I’m wanting to send to my dad to see if he will build for me. Where can I see the photos?
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    What’s this?

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    Our New Indoor Enclosure

    Is it in a screen porch? Just bc the humidity outside is high, that doesn’t mean the enclosure mimics that. Looks good though.
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    Question About Cable TV

    Cut cable many years back. You can get an antenna for the window that lets you get a lot of local channels. Depending on location, you can get more or less channels. You just have to play with placement. We have Netflix, and amazon prime. We had Hulu but didn’t use it enough, so I canceled it...
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    Spouses and Your Tortoises

    So my husband indulges my love for tortoises. If I want another one, I’ll ask him and he has never said no. I do the finances so I know when and what we can afford, so he’s never really questioned the money other than “how much is it.” Well recently, I had a c section for our second child...
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    homemade mosquito yard spray

    I was kind of thinking the beer one or the onion one. I didn’t think the essential oil based one would be as long-lasting.
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    homemade mosquito yard spray

    Would any of these be safe?
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    Outdoor enclosure plants

    I have roses and hostas planted. What else is easy to grow? I’m in South Georgia. Parts of the area has shade and the other part gets more mid-morning and early afternoon sun. There is grass growing and weeds trying to grow. Just looking for more to grow. I have a hibiscus plant potted in...
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    blanching dandelion leaves

    Freezing makes them mushy when thawed. I accidentally had some on the top shelf in my fridge and they froze. It was gross. They’ll keep fresh in the veggie drawer of the fridge for weeks though.
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    blanching dandelion leaves

    Once you dehydrate, I don’t think you need to freeze. Freezing could put moisture back into the dehydrated foods. Someone with more experience on this could help you, but I’ve been told to keep dehydrated items at room temperature. I also used to dehydrate fruits for my son, and if I remember...
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    Insulated Plywood

    And there’s plenty of room with the oil heater divider box and the adult tortoise?
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    Hi, i heard humidity for a baby should be 80%... how do i accomplish this? Im misting.. i have heats

    The screen is letting the moisture dry out. You want a solid top. Or make a greenhouse type covering to fully enclosure the tub
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    Opinions on adding 2 Cherryheads

    He’s not missing out. They do better solo.
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    [emoji217]Pictures pictures Pictures[emoji217]

    So sorry for the loss. I’d separate them. You should always quarantine new animals from existing ones. It’ll also help you keep an eye on if the littles or bigger one is eating the food.
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    Plantain and what?

    It doesn’t flower. At least I’ve never seen it flower.
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    Plantain and what?

    I know the lighter one is plaintain, but what is the other.
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    Excessive Ads!

    I end up clicking the top banner ad on the mobile app all the time. It loads funny and when I put my finger down to scroll, I hit it almost every time. Money for the forum, but I worry they could be violated if the same IP is constantly clicking an ad.
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    Tortstork "Insta-Hatch" Marokkensis Egg!

    Very cool. Did tortstork incubate for male before you got the egg? Or did you just finish off on male temps? Not familiar with incubating tortoise eggs. I used to breed geckos and you had to incubate the same temp the entire process. Did you request an incubated-male or did they happen to...
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    Insulated Plywood

    Cool thanks. And is 4x4 too small to use an oil heater? My husband is an electrician, so running wire for wires is not an issue. I just like the idea of the oil heater with a thermostat.