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    Little surprises

    Last week, I found a little surprise in the garden. It was looking at me, just as I was leaving for work. Needless to say, I was late to work that day. After I had left, my wife found two more little eyes in the garden.
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    Beware the little pink nose!

    Hi, Just a quick pic for your pleasure.
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    Tort Owners’ Nightmare - Need advice on shell repair.

    A horrible thing happened almost two weeks ago, my sister in law drove her car over my adult female Impressa Betty. I dropped my breakfast, as I heard her start to drive followed by a crunch (everyone who comes over to my house is told check your car for torts). But as I ran outside I heard her...
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    Lao Market Species identification

    Hi Forum, I have been on the road in Laos and came across these shells. I can see Impressa, Elongated, Keeled and plastic frog! But what are the bottom two shells on the right? Pity, I arrived too late for these torts. Cheers Scruffy
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    How an Impressa deals with a Heat Wave

    Hi, It has been hot but Ernest knows where he likes to spend long hours. Cheers MrScruffy
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    How authoritative is the tortoise table diet guideline?

    Hi, It is a great resource and the creators deserve credit for all of the work they put into it, but I wonder how developed is the science underpinning a lot of the claims about specific plants? I presume that not much toxicity...
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    Laotian Manouria Impressa

    Just thought I would share an update on my Manouria Impressa, both are very well adjusted to captivity. They eat a good mixed diet, interestingly Ernest only recently started to eat things I consider unnatural for a Manouria’s diet, cooked pumpkin and carrot; whereas Betty loved such foods...
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    Suprise Elongated

    Surprise Elongated, I found myself in a situation of angst that most tortoise/turtle lovers can relate to recently. My sister in law turned up with a juvenile elongated tortoise which she purchased while passing through a rural market. I was ill prepared to the arrival, but I just couldn’t...
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    Hand feeding WC Impressa

    Hi, I thought I would share pics of a juvenile WC Impressa I acquired this week. I soaked him first and he was agitated from captivity and his journey. Then I left him alone to calm down and get acclimatised. He seems very healthy with the exception of two holes on his outer carapace which...
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    Meet my Torts – Manouria Impressa

    I have been stalking the forum and absorbing much useful knowledge for a while now. I have been keeping Curoa Ambonesis but yearned for some torts but had to wait until I built a house. I only wanted a native species to Laos, because I know too well the pressure that there native habitat is...