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    Species Identification

    Can you please identify the species of this tortoise or confirm if it even is a tortoise and not a turtle? Found in the New Jersey suburbs. Thank you!
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    Lighting Problems! Urgent!

    I have a baby Russian on the way, but my lighting situation is terrible! I'm using a Zoomed powersun 100W bulb, but the temperature of my earth substrate is not reaching 90-100. The bottom most part of the fixture is 10" above the substrate, and the bulb in the fixture is about 15" away from the...
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    Russian substrate depth and distance to basking light?

    Hi, I'm setting up an indoor enclosure for my Russian, but am unsure how deep to make the substrate. I understand that they need to burrow, but don't know if increasing the substrate height, and consequently decreasing the distance of the basking and heating bulbs from the substrate surface, is...
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    Humid Hide CHE

    I'm trying to set up a cage for a baby Russian tortoise but don't know which CHE to use for the humid hide. I don't know whether to use a 5.5" or an 8.5" dome, a 60w or 100w bulb. The enclosure is a 54 gallon Rubbermaid, about 4' by 2.5'. Thanks!
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    My First Tortoise- Russian Hatchling

    I will soon receive my first tortoise, a Russian hatchling. I'm very excited and would appreciate any advice you can offer. I also have a few general questions: 1. Cage- It must be indoors. I'd like to go to Home Depot and build a "tortoise table." Anything important I should know in advance...
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    Baby Male Russian Tortoise

    Hi, I live in the tri-state area and am looking to buy a baby, male Russian tortoise. Have any for sale?