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    I've owned tortoises for 7 months and it's been a wonderful time

    Back in February I saw a cherry head tortoise at Petco, I noticed he had really bad conditions after I looked up his info and let them know. Come about 3 weeks later when I'm in there next I see that the cherry head and started to pyramid. I decided I was gonna buy em, well cuz I couldn't let...
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    Recommendations on a misting system?

    My fogger broke so I'm looking to upgrade to a misting/rain system. Any recommendations?
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    Tips on how to kill ants when diatomaceous earth fails?

    I have a ant problem in my enclosure. Idk where they are coming from and the powder isn't super effective with their numbers. I tried to remove all the substrate but they were back the next day. I don't have any around it and I cleaned the whole thing out so I don't understand where they come from.
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    Do all cherry heads marble?

    This person claims all cherry heads must marble and if they don't have any amount at all the must be a mixbred or not a cherry head. Is this true? I was under the impression only some due because of genetics.
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    Tips on how I can further Improve my enclosure?

    I have a large enclosure full of plants and clean up crew bugs. I and gonna remove the water dish for a smaller one as I added another baby. I'm wondering on how I can further Improve this? There will be a digging section when I add in the new water dish. I covered most of it In moss and will...
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    Really white cherry head

    I got this new cherry head hatchling over the weekend to add to my set, she is so much brighter in shell and red scales! I have never seen such a white plastron on a cherry head before either. Still darker then a regular red foot though.
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    Help sexing redfoot

    Hi there. Someone I know is looking to re-home their redfoot and I am wondering it's gender. I have 2 redfoots already one of each gender. So I would like to avoid two males. Please let me know what people think.
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    How do my cherry heads look?

    I have owned this guy's for about 4 months now. The larger one I got from a pet store when I saw he was not being properly cared for. The smaller one I got from a breeder. I give them a few hours of outside time and keep their enclosure very controlled at the recommended settings 80f on...