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  1. Lannen

    Snaggle toothed tort

    A couple of weeks ago I posted photos about Master and his fangs. He broke a couple off in a zucchini and this is the one that is left. I'm wondering if he is hiding them in his tort cave?
  2. Lannen

    MMMMM Breakfast!

    Master enjoying breakfast on a warm sunny Florida morning!
  3. Lannen

    Greetings from Master

    Hi, Master is about 5 years old and lives in St. Pete Fl. One of our kids got Master as an infant and was living in an apartment at the time. Once he outgrew his welcome at the apartment he does what all good pets do, they go to live with the parents- Master has settled in nicely over...
  4. Lannen

    Tortoise teeth?

    Hi, I'm new to posting in the forum, although not entirely new as I've gleaned a lot from here over the past couple of years by just reading. We are now seeing something different with Master. He/she is about 5 years old. We inherited him/her from one of our kids who rescued him as a...