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  1. Redfoot NERD

    The "RARE" Giant of the redfoot community -

    Seen here also - Bolivian Redfoot Tortoises ***** Extensive tutorial of Bolivian locale redfoot tortoises. LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE. ( compared to other locales ) The purpose of this tutorial is to show the unique / intense beauty and...
  2. Redfoot NERD

    Brazilian locale Pictorial / Tutorial

    This is my humble attempt to show pics and info about the infamous Brazilian Redfoot tortoise. Some info may be questionable.. this is not posted for debate. One of my one-liners: We may all have differences of opinions.. but we don't have different facts! Additions to this on my site are...
  3. Redfoot NERD

    Colombian Redfoot tortoises

    Although not rare .. they have not been that common until last year -- even tho' Colombia was open to exportation some years back. [ not sure where they got to since ] Maybe they haven't been popular because they have absolutely NO RED ( my least favorite color !!! ) on them anywhere! And there...
  4. Redfoot NERD

    Bolivian Nesting / Eggs

    This is what it's all about!!! Have looked for the Bolivian locale since early 2014 - finally found a trio.. 1.2 ( 1 male / 2 females ) late summer 2016. The larger female was not 11" SCL when she laid her first ( Aug. 2017 ) clutch of 3 infertile eggs - these 3 "adults" are all still young and...
  5. Redfoot NERD

    Venezuelan 'Proven' Pair

    Not what would be called rare.. but not real common. And [ like most all ] the colors are determined by locale.. from the wild anyway. In private collections... anything goes! These [ this blood-line ] must have come from the "Western" part of Venezuelan. The old "Clown-face" most likely came...
  6. Redfoot NERD

    Like to look at pics of these "Giant" Bolivian Redfoots?

    My 'favorite pic' of alpha male - Recently put together a "Tutorial" - hope you like... Terry
  7. Redfoot NERD

    RARE Giant Bolivian locale Redfoot MALE

    Bolivian locale appear to have similar characteristics of a few other locales. NOTE: Exclusive characteristics to look for! Virtual covering of head with colors and patterns. Large yellow "blotches" on carapace thru old maturity. Extreme dark "non-marbled" plastron.. and no supressed waist of...
  8. Redfoot NERD

    Seeking Colombian locale Redfoot Tortoises

    Anyone who knows me knows it has been awhile since I have bred redfoots. An occasion has risen and I'm looking for new additions now. ( Yvonne compelled me to write the caresheet ) Am looking for the Colombian locale - they are YELLOW.. void of virtually ANY red on head and limbs. Unfortunately...
  9. Redfoot NERD

    Old Herpers link

    @cdmay - or @Yvonne G Would you please email me a link to the "Old Herpers" ? The copy I have has this .mht extension I can't "copy" - OldHerpers.mht - and I can't seem to figure out how to change the extension??? I recall you had a copy that didn't have that extension.. or something? It's...
  10. Redfoot NERD

    can't figure out this format

    Every time I leave and come back I have to "login" again.. which is no easy task! And how do I make changes on my "profile"(?) - need to change my email address. HELP please? @Yvonne G
  11. Redfoot NERD

    Redfoot Tortoise Caresheet

    REDFOOT TORTOISE CARESHEET ALL Tortoises on the planet require that 4 parameters be "IN BALANCE". How this is accomplished ( or required ) is as varied as there are regions and keepers on the planet. Temperature - Humidity - Lighting - Diet Redfoot tortoises require the same parameters -...
  12. Redfoot NERD

    Bolivian locale Juveniles..

    Summer of 2017 hatched on left - summer of 2018 on right.. raised inside so far. 2017 are 4" SCL -- 2018 right at 3" SCL .
  13. Redfoot NERD

    Young Bolivian .. ground hatched..

    He came from a breeder friend that produces "True" Bolivian locale .. reported found in 2016 among his adults = ground incubated.. most likely male ??? First - here he is among my young adults with his head in their chopped collards - I pulled him out of that.. to get a few pics. We never...
  14. Redfoot NERD

    Youngster habitat, etc.

    Since I have a space/building dedicated to the collection of "turts & torts" I can control the temps, etc. much easier - " ... my closed habitat is just much bigger is all ". Until today the 2018 ~ 2016 have been over the adults in a 43" x 18" tub with a hinged lid [ which was folded over ]...
  15. Redfoot NERD

    Caresheet Results - a little history

    There was a lady that lived in upstate Washington state that fell in love with some of my early 2007 2nd generation hatchlings - [ the females that created these were 1998 hatchlings that were raised here and helped in developing the Caresheet we have today ] - so much so that she actually...
  16. Redfoot NERD

    Extraordinary Bolivian hatchlings

    Have been very fortunate to acquire these two! This is Leggs - Besides legs he has nice head colors too - AND..... Crown1 - Colors virtually cover his head -
  17. Redfoot NERD

    Look at this tiny Grey Tree Frog

    @Yvonne G - Yvonne I've always said - "If I had a "Good Camera" I could probably take some good pics!". Think I got one now? We have a 'hardy hibiscus' garden across the front of our property.. their leaves/flowers can be huge. I was looking for buds on them... it was an overcast day - they are...
  18. Redfoot NERD

    How to find members from the past

    Trying to find posts from an 'old' member from the past - his user name was Elegans -- or something like that. Maybe 10 years back? Can you help @Yvonne G ? Thanks in advance... Terry
  19. Redfoot NERD

    BIG Woodpecker is serious!!!

    These guys come to our suet-boxes all the time.. many vids of them available for those that would like to see them! Looked out the other day and saw this one just wearing out this 4' dead tree stump we use as a bird feeder! Look at the BIG chips it "hammered" off it! - They must think they...