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    Seeking Russian Tortoise Enclosure Advice

    So I live in a Rocky neighborhood in the suburbs of San Antonio. Our weather is fairly conducive to outside Russian habitats, so I've heard. I've been planning to build our Russian an outdoor enclosure, as we have a decent amount of land. The problem is that, due to the rocky foundation under...
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    Need !help. Found tortoise

    Ok, here is the situation. Out walking with my family this evening and we found a tortoise walking down the street. Obviously this guy isn't native to Texas. He looks just like our Russian, only he is at least twice as big. Obviously, we can't put him in with our smaller Russian. I'm making...
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    Russian ate a small piece of... concrete?

    While my Russian was out roaming the yard, he sometimes like to pick at the vines and plants on the ground. Today he decided he wanted to try something new I guess, because I wasn't fast enough to stop him from eating a small rock, that I think was a broken off piece of concrete. It was...
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    Save me from the Pet Store

    So glad I found these forums, and so glad someone sent me to the tortoise starter threat. Following the guide, here are some notes and some questions about our new testudo (Russian identified, thanks to the welcome thread!). Indoor/Outdoor – We live in San Antonio – I think the climate is good...
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    New Tortoise Owner from Texas

    We recently adopted a new Testudo. I feel like I have hundreds of questions, so I'm glad we found this forum. To be honest, we aren't even certain which kind he is. Hello everyone from Texas.