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  1. bingbongbibidybobbo

    Funny advertisement!

    Had to share!!!! Too funny! Sent from my GT-N7100 using TortForum mobile app
  2. bingbongbibidybobbo

    Upset with me?

    I've recently bought my Russian a new enclosure. He was getting too big for hos old one so i bought him a much bigger one. The only thing is he doesnt seem to want to come out of his hide :( hes not eating much and the only time he comes pit is when i get him out for a doak. Do you think hes...
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    Hey good lookin'

  4. bingbongbibidybobbo

    Mort the lil warrior :)

    I can't believe how well Mort is doing now since getting over the pneumonia. He doesn't stop eating, he pretty much runs around now and he's really come out of his shell ;) (hee hee) he's even started developing new growth lines :) What do you think? Does he look ok?
  5. bingbongbibidybobbo

    Tortoise Pellets?

    Just want to know what everyone's opinion is on these "pellets" I see them in various pet shops that sell tortoises and espescially the one where i get my substrate from. I always thought you should stick to what they would eat in the wild?
  6. bingbongbibidybobbo

    Russian Tortoise has Pneumonia :(

    Hi all, i'm new to this forum so bear with me. I own a very small Russian Tortoise, as far as i know he's a year and a half old. He was captive bred and i have had him about 4 months. 2 months ago i had him to the vets as he was very lethargic and was always closing his eyes. I was told he had a...