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  1. kaitiejane

    HELP. (hatchling not moving)

    I woke up this morning and my Greek tortoise hatching is not moving. great Mother's Day present to me I know. He was perfectly fine yesterday eating normal had his daily soak and was walking around and acting completely normal. He had a R.I. Over a month ago but I took him to the vet and got him...
  2. kaitiejane

    Not eating?!

    I moved my tortoise into a new indoor enclosure on Saturday and he hasn't eaten since I put him in there Normally he eats like crazy! I'm so worried and I don't know what happened?! Is it normal for them to take a few days to adjust?
  3. kaitiejane

    Help! Best plants to put in enclosure!

    Thinking about planting plants in my enclosure. What are the best ones to put in there?!
  4. kaitiejane

    Best substrate!

    I have a Greek tortoise hatchling and I was wondering what the best substrate to use is! I've recently been saying that just soil is the best but I feel like it would just stick to him if he were to walk in his water bowl and then walk on that. Any advice?!
  5. kaitiejane

    Hatchling questions

    I first got my hatchling in December and was told that it was 1-2 months old. But I had just posted another picture on a different thread and was told he was looked to be the size of a tortoise that is a year old. Can anyone help? I'm very confused as the age.
  6. kaitiejane

    Building new indoor enclosure

    I had made the mistake of listening to the pet store and bought the wrong type of cage and am now trying to create a new home for my hatchling. I have a bookshelf that is much much larger than what he's living in now. I just needed help on to how to close off the top for humidity help and also I...
  7. kaitiejane

    Ibera Greek tortoise

    I have a Greek hatchling and was wondering if anyone knew the growth rate of this species. I've had mine for a little over three months and I was just curious on how quickly they usually grow.
  8. kaitiejane

    New indoor enclosure

    I've been thinking about building a new enclosure, but cannot find any bookshelves in my area that are something I would use. I was wondering if there are any types of wood that I shouldn't use to build with. (Planning on buying from Home Depot)
  9. kaitiejane

    Gerber carrot soaks

    How do these help your tortoise?
  10. kaitiejane


    Also, I've been looking for a new uvb light, I already have a heat light. So I'm looking mainly for just uvb. Can anyone post links to good uvb lights
  11. kaitiejane

    Nasal medicine?

    I went to the vet and she gave me medicine to give him through his nostrils. Has anyone else been given this?
  12. kaitiejane

    Vet question

    I am taking my tortoise to the vet and I was wonder what is the best way to transport it while I'm driving?
  13. kaitiejane

    Pee question!

    So today I did the usual soak for my tortoise but he will only go to the bathroom if let him walk around on a towel to dry off after his soak. Today I let him out to walk and this was in his pee so I was wondering what it was/ what caused it.
  14. kaitiejane

    Outside temps

    My hatchling has been inside for winter but today it's sunny ad 70 Outside but I was wondering if this is still to cold for him to go outside and get natural UVB
  15. kaitiejane

    Respiratory help!

    I have a ibera greek tortoise hatchling. 2 months old the last couple of days I've noticed he/she will open her mouth and make an almost squeak noise. He's never done this before and I'm curios to why it started happening. Could it be a respiratory infection? Or what would be causing this to...
  16. kaitiejane

    Cactus question

    Is this okay for tortoises to eat?
  17. kaitiejane

    Basking bulb

    I just got a new bulb 3 days ago and i got home yesterday the bulb had already burned out! So I'm wondering what is the best basking bulb I can buy?! I have him under his night time heat lamp which is a 50 watt until I can get to the store! But what are the best basking bulbs?!
  18. kaitiejane

    Poop question

    I've had my tortoise since Tuesday and I have soaked everyday for 30 minutes and still no poop! Should I be concerned or how often do they poop?
  19. kaitiejane

    Bell is here☺️

  20. kaitiejane


    Is it bad to just use coconut fiber as the bedding in the enclosure for a hatchling with miss in some areas?