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    Pardalis female acts like a male

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    Pardalis female acts like a male

    Hello, I have a "female" Pardalis that is acting like a male, fighting and getting on top of the others doing male sounds, but the tail is extremely short, shorter than my others Pardalis females, the tortoise is around 40 cms and I recently bought her. Can Female Pardalis have this behavior or...
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    Sulcata eggs

    Hello my Sulcata died a few days ago because retained eggs, I just opened her and found that she haves 19 eggs inside ... I placed them in a eggs container, but I dont have an incubator right now, what should I do? should I bury them? Should I buy a incubator and keep them in the egg container...
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    Female Sulcata with a retained egg

    Hello, thank you for your answer. Here in Spain Sulcatas usually start laying eggs at 40 cms (Maybe because of the weather?) But I have never seen a 30 cm Sulcata laying eggs up to now. I have a group of adults Sulcatas, but she is separated from the group, because she haves mocus since I...
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    Female Sulcata with a retained egg

    Hello, I bought a Sulcata a few months ago and 2 weeks ago, she laid an broken egg, a week after that, I pick her and noticed that she haves an egg retained (See the photo) what can I do???? A week has been passed and nothing changed. She is small, around 32 cm, but the previous owner said me...
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    Is my Sulcata albino/het? het/ivory?

    Hello, Im curious because my Sulcata looks a lot more whiter than others. The tortoise is +40 cms (+16 inches).