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    Few Eastern boxes

    I love traveling the back roads after a summer shower. Big boy was bold with nice colors. Female wasnt having any of my shenanigans though.
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    Big snapper

    I was on the way home yesterday & caught this monster crossing the road. I haven't seen one this big in a long time. Snappers are my favorite reptile. Of course it wasnt without a heart stopping snap 😂
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    Alternatives to incandescent lights?

    Are expensive reptile bulbs it? I use flood lights, but they're disappearing fast. What's the future besides these horribly designed & overpriced rept bulbs?
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    My take on an indoor enclosure

    I'm lucky enough to be in qc at an industrial fab shop so I have access to a lot of free wood & fasteners. It started life as a 6x4 crate. Grabbed a 6x3x1/8 acrylic sheet from ace hardware. There's a top in the garage. After some vent work I'll be able to totally control my parameters instead of...
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    So I have my first goof up on my hands. Neighbors son grabbed my Hermann's when I was talking to his dad and just sat it down yesterday around 4. I realized about 6 she was missing, but cant find her in the 1/2 acre fenced area. I blocked up any potential escape routes. What's a good way to...
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    Table vs enclosed

    Ok so I liked the idea of a table & love the looks. However, my humidity is like 30% in the main enclosure. Its setup just like this egytptian setup below. In have the humid hide, but the rest of the humidity just isnt sitting right. I know this is opinion, but I'm thinking of going mostly...
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    Can i see your naturalistic enclosure

    Can I see how you set up your plants & hid?. I'm wanting to create a natural vivarium looking environment. I'm use to more humid jungle setups so I'm looking for inspiration
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    ASAP advice please

    So I go to my fish store today to get some food & on my way out I see some people trying to release what I thought was a turtle. Well after a closer look it's a female hermann's tortoise I believe. Petco wasnt very knowledgeable, but they gave me a box with some dirt. What size basking bulb do...