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    Is this light ok

    I have a Russian tortoise and I am trying to perfect his new set up. I was using a 65 W incandescent flood for warmth but my tortoises behavior has been off since his new set up with new lighting. I think my thermometer may be a bit off and his basking spot may not be warm enough because he...
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    Hello! I recently made my tortoise a new enclosure! It is awesome! It’s also much larger than the last one that he had and It includes a pretty good size hide box. I was really excited to put him in it and he enjoyed it for a few days. He had a couple feedings, had some water and then he went in...
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    Help with enclosure

    Hello! I got a bookshelf that I want to repurpose as a tort table for my Russian tortoise. It is Just a typical Looking shelf But, is it ok to use as is or do I need to clean wood or strip it?? The current backing is very sturdy so I would prefer to use it. I guess I’m just wondering if I need...