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    Double Stock Tank Build! Pic Heavy!

    Looks great. I’m setting up same 110 tanks for 2 RES -got one Penn Plax 1000 and Fluval E300 for each tank. Are pumps and bubblers needed, and if so what for? Also, are you using any water conditioners or bacteria starters to prep the tank water before adding the turtles?
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    Outdoor pond - sunlight and water prep questions

    Okay. Thank you for responding Tom. I appreciate all help and advice :) I'm upgrading enclosures to 110 gallons and will upgrade to filtration needed for that size. I also bought water testing strips and already have temp gauges. I'm determined to help these little guys live their best lives.
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    Outdoor pond - sunlight and water prep questions

    Alright. I'll look into getting larger enclosures. Do you have any thoughts on in-line external heaters? I've read varying accounts, and also read that people have used them for outdoor enclosures but I'm not sure if that's safe because I can't seem to find any info on whether they are rated...
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    Outdoor pond - sunlight and water prep questions

    Hi. I live in So Calif and I am setting up outdoor enclosures for 2 RES using 55 gallon storage tubs from Home Depot. The area in my yard where I'm planning to put them faces East and gets full sunlight from approx. 5:30am-12:30pm everyday. Is this too much sunlight? I'm worried about...