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    Aldabra killing a bird - have you guys seen this? *graphic warning, ofc*

    I'm surprised that people are surprised about this. You have to be opportunistic if you're big, slow, and there're limited resources. What I really want to know is, will they get stomachache? When I eat red meat after not having any for few months, I would get stomach ache. I wonder if these...
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    UVB matter

    I'd like to learn more about Aldabra behaviors, especially in a social setting. Could you point me to a place where I can get more info on this topic?
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    My Aldabra- General

    Math checked out 👍. Thank for the clarification
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    My Aldabra- General

    I'm confused... On post #52, you said, "[General] weighed 3450 Grams today." Post#52 was posted on 14 May. I've been following this post because I'm fascinated how fast your tortoise grows. Now i'm not so sure.
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    My Aldabra- General

    ONLY 1 1/2 and they are these heavy? Incredible!!! At this rate, they'll reach 6kg when they are 2 yrs old.
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    My Aldabra -Jackson

    Wow, he's the fastest growing Aldabra I have ever seen. One of my Aldabra is the same age but 1kg lighter. What are you feeding it?
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    My Aldabra -Jackson

    That's one beautiful Aldabra!!! How old is Jackson? I'm trying to compare him to my tortoise.
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    My Aldabra- General

    He's growing really fast!!! How old is General? I'm trying to compare him to my tortoise.
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    Aldabra mucus pee

    This also happens to my Aldabra. I've been searching the web but no info on this whatsoever. Please let me know if you found anything.
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    SoCal Aldabra breeders?

    Trying to buy from the ALDABRAMAN is like finding a big foot. He got no website and hardly ever response to a message. Unless there's a official post somewhere I'm not aware of.
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    I have cheated plant identification!

    instantly, I do not trust this app.
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    Tortoises pee and my in-door enclosure smell, what to do?

    Wow, I guess I will need to start saving for the third tortoise. 😞 I have seen so many people filled up their enclosure with soils. so I thought I would follow them. If I need to keep the substrate damp, wouldn't reptibark start to mold as well? right now I have the soil-sand-mixture and...
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    Tortoises pee and my in-door enclosure smell, what to do?

    Thank you Tom for the advice. I'll try to soak them daily and will leave them even longer now. They water used for soaking is around 28c-30c, too hot? too cold? And yes I have tall and opaque buckets. As for the hay, is there a good reason not to? I left them in the enclosure because they came...
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    Tortoises pee and my in-door enclosure smell, what to do?

    I soak my tortoises every other day for 30 min. Should I soak them daily instead? They neither pee or poop during soak. They usually do that after their meal (around 9-10am), both pee and poop, which I remove and clean them out right the way. I make sure they have fresh water at all time. I...
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    Tortoises pee and my in-door enclosure smell, what to do?

    Obviously I can't toilet-train my tortoises or stop them from peeing. I move them in and out from in-door and out-door enclosures depending on the weather. The problem is when the tortoises are inside and the substrates start to smell. I divided my enclosure into 4 areas: repti-bark+hay...
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    Leopard tortoise not gaining weight

    Robo, I saw something you might want to check out on youtube. Most likely related to Tom's mention of failure syndrome. I'm not saying your tortoise has it but it's a possibility. Goodbye Valentine: Tale of a Leopard Tortoise that never grew.. Hopefully it just lacks D3 to process calcium. I...