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    My tortoise just flipped over please help

    Just a few minutes ago I put my tortoise in her tub for a soak and left to do a bit of work and lost track of time , I quickly ran out of the house and found her on her back, I put her right and started to get worried so I asked my mum if we could go to the vet but she refused saying that its...
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    hingeback diet request

    hello, so im just got a tortoise so I wanted to give them a varying diet so I checked the internent and found thez need manz greens grasses weeds etc, but living in nigeria I often dont see these items and im suprised some of these are store-bought, so I want ask nigerians or lagosians what I...
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    He wont eat!!

    (species- forest hinge back)hello, i just got my first ever tortoise a few days ago, he came form a farm and was caught, the farmer said he eats ugbono fruit, but there was a small problem, I fed him a varied diet of cucumbers,cabbage,apples and bannanas but he wont even eat it,my mom even gave...
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    I need a little help

    I just got a hinge back tortoise out of the blue and I really like him, I keep him in a small bin filled with mulch, I dont know where to find a hide for him so I took him to the back of my house and let him roam there, its pretty confined so he cant get out and he usually burrows in two...
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    hello yall

    im a 13 yr old kid and I got Esiotrot a few days ago, he is a hinge back turtule (still dont know his full breed) and wanna make sure hes a happy and healthy tortoise