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    Are frozen/thawed blood worms safe to give box turtles? And would there be any benefit to feeding blood worms?
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    Soft squishy shell

    Ya around New Years I rescued a hatchling boxie from them that was in terrible shape and although these guys seem to be in better shape I still have my concerns about them :(
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    Soft squishy shell

    Not sure if the breeder is Dave I bought them from a pet shop in Las Vegas called Exotic Pets I can call and ask where they got them from.
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    Soft squishy shell

    I just purchased two hatchling Northern diamondback terrapins that are about the size of a quarter. When I pulled them out of the box the first one was very active large and has a pretty firm shell and is moving around a lot, however the second smaller hatchling even though his eyes are alert I...
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    Mud turtle breeders?

    I'm looking to add 4 three striped mud turtle hatchlings, to my family. I'm having a hard time finding breeders. Are there any reputable breeders out there or any one that has a recommendation for any one? I am fine to wait if some one doesn't babies right now.
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    Post your funniest pet photos!

    Mom we need to talk you've been looking at pics of other dogs on the internet again... Yay snow! I got it! Did you say something? Hi! Still in bed...
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    Thanks everyone! :)
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    What would be adequate housing for 4 adult mud turtles? Anyone have pics?
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    What is the smallest species of water turtle when adults, and about how big do they get?
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    Do musk turtles really stink?

    How big do mud turtles get?
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    Do musk turtles really stink?

    Thinking about getting getting a musk/ stinkpot but do they really stink or really have a strong smell or do they smell just like any other water turtle?
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    New rescue from terrible pet shop (pics)

    Yes it's true and it makes me sad my little guy was one of 7 in the tank and was the only one that showed any signs of life. All the others were dried out with cracked sunken skin and eyes swollen shut. :( I wasn't planning on getting another boxie but I couldn't help it. I wish I could have...
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    New rescue from terrible pet shop (pics)

    I just wanted to upload some pics of my new rescue gulf boxie hatchling that I got from a terrible pet shop that was keeping them in horrendous conditions. He just spent a month in quarantine and now was put into his new enclosure with my other boxie! So far he's been doing great!
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    What type of tortoise is this 3 pics???

    It's a bowsprit tortoise!
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    Hurry fast Plant identification

    Thank you so much do you by chance know if the first two are safe to put in my boxies tank? Ps he loves to take a bite out of everything at least once.
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    Hurry fast Plant identification

    I found these plants at a Grocery store and it does not say what type of plant they are can you please tell me what they are and if they are safe and edible? First plant Second plant Third plant
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    Is bamboo safe?

    Hey guys Id like to put some water plants in my little boxies pool area and was thinking about bamboo, my problem is the little guy likes to eat everything or at least try to, so I just wondering is bamboo safe for a boxy to eat?
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    Share your baby tortoise pictures.

    Do baby boxies count? :)
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    Baby Black knobbed sawback

    Very cool! He sure isn't shy at all :)
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    5 year old Three Toed boxie

    Thank you everyone I just worry about her. She is a rescue and came from a terrible situation, and I just want her to be healthy and happy. You guys are a great help!