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  1. LRZtorts

    Trading Russian Tortoise CB Hatchling

    Wondering if anyone has any other breed of tortoise they would like to trade for a Russian tortoise hatchling. I have a couple that hatched in June 2021 and some that hatched in July 2021. Would consider adult or other hatchlings. Only breeds I wont consider is sulcata right now. I am located in...
  2. LRZtorts

    CB Russian Tortoise hatchlings

    I have some Russian tortoise hatchlings that will be ready for new homes in August. I am currently taking deposits for anyone interested. They are $200 each plus overnight shipping via FedEx (anywhere between $40-75). Local pick up welcome as well. I’m located in TX south of Dallas. Deposits are...
  3. LRZtorts

    Christmas gifts/ ornaments

    I have a few ornaments left if anyone is interested. Shatter proof with a glitter image and your tortoise’s name on them. See pictures attached. Send me a message if interested! Colors are red and a shiny green.
  4. LRZtorts

    Beak trimming

    Mikey my male Russian tortoise had his beak trimmed this morning. He was much easier to handle than I thought he would be, although he still was not happy with me about it. After a warm soak and a little extra treat he seemed to forgive me! It seems all my male Russian tortoise ps that I have...
  5. LRZtorts

    Eggs on Mothers Day!

    So excited that my girl Ellie finally decided to lay her first clutch of the season Sunday. Last season we got 2 clutches from her, but never any development unfortunately. She had been pacing and digging test nests for about a week now so I'm glad she finally laid with no problems. Crossing...
  6. LRZtorts

    New girl Zia

    We adopted Zia about a month ago from a member on here and she is doing great! She has warmed right up to us and comes out of hiding as soon as she hears me walking out to her pen. She is eating healthy and seems to be enjoying spending her days outside. Thanks again @Zia Girl for letting us...
  7. LRZtorts

    New tortoise in the family!

    We got to adopt this gorgeous female Russian and we finally received her today. We took her in from a member on this forum who could no longer care for her. She arrived safe and alert after being shipped to us. It's always exciting getting to observe a new tortoise and their personality. Here...
  8. LRZtorts

    Adult tortoises or breeding pairs

    I have been looking for adult tortoises or preferably breeding pairs of tortoises. We have large outdoor and indoor set ups. Would prefer to adopt/ take in tortoises that can no longer be cared for, but am willing to pay rehoming fees. Only looking for or considering the following breeds...
  9. LRZtorts

    Male Russian tortoise

    Male Russian tortoise ready for new home! He is healthy and active eating very well. He has been kept well hydrated and has had his beak trimmed ( previous owner let it get kind of overgrown). He has been housed outdoors during nice weather. We are making room to take in more adoptions and...
  10. LRZtorts

    Roosevelt's first V-day

    So This fall our little guy Roosevelt hatched out. We have been watching him closely and we're afraid he would not make it due to him not having any eyes. So glad to say he is now he is almost 6 months old and still getting around well!
  11. LRZtorts

    Russian tortoise hatchling

    We have one hatchling that will be ready for his new home at the end of the month. Has been soaked every other day and kept with a humid hide available. Feeding on leafy greens, dandelions and cactus. You can see pictures of him and videos on our Facebook page LRZtorts. Message us from our...
  12. LRZtorts

    Tortoise id

    So I came across this tortoise, and was hoping someone could help me with the breed. I am thinking hermanns, but want a second opinion.
  13. LRZtorts

    First hatchling of the year

    This summer I was lucky enough to add 3 new female Russian tortoises to our home. I was very surprised when all 3 of them decided to start laying clutches so soon, I had figured it would take them some adjusting first. Unfortunately all of the eggs seemed to be unfertile until big Bertha...
  14. LRZtorts

    Update on no eyes

    Well he is now officially 1 month old. I still don't have a name for this little guy yet, but he seems to be doing okay. I was hoping he would be slightly larger by now, but he has definitely grown and put on some weight. This is a comparison of him and his clutch mate. Hatched same day few...
  15. LRZtorts

    Red or Yellowfoot?

    So I am planning on (someday in the future) raising up one of the rainforest tortoise breeds. Currently right now I am just raising Mediterranean breeds. So at first I was completely sold on red foots, cherry heads to be exact, but now I am debating on a yellowfoot. It seems there are less...
  16. LRZtorts

    Russian tortoise hatchling

    I have one hatchling available. Hatched 9-24, soaked every other day and kept in humid environment. Fed variety of leafy greens and eating well. Incubated at 86-87 F. Price is 150 with a flat rate of 40. Please check out our Facebook page LRZtorts for pictures. Email me at [email protected] for...
  17. LRZtorts

    Hatchling with no eyes

    Just had a hatchling hatch out and discovered he had no eyes. Looks like he has an under bite too. His clutch mate is healthy and active.
  18. LRZtorts

    Egg-citing day!

    It's a great day when you come home and see tortoises hatching! It gets even better when you have a new female laying for the first time the same night! Can't wait to see Nelly's first hatchlings
  19. LRZtorts

    Housing two Russians together indoors

    I would not house 2 male tortoises together, they get very aggressive towards each other.
  20. LRZtorts

    New family member!

    So glad we were able to adopt this lovely girl. Ellie is starting to warm up to her new home. Keeping her in an indoor enclosure to keep a good eye on her and make sure she isn't too stressed after her trip, can't wait until I can introduce her to her section of the outdoor enclosure.