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    11 Green Tree Python Eggs , due to hatch in 7 days!

    7 days left for these eggs... They are Green Tree Pythons , with potential for Red coloration. All signs point to all 11 eggs being viable.. very exciting i'll be sure to post some pics when they start popping out! 11 eggs is a very large clutch even for large females to handle.. This...
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    Freddy... R.i.P ... ughh.. my tortoise for a short time, but a friend for life.

    Its with heavy sadness.. after not posting here for weeks now im forced to make this post.. to let the great people here know.. that after all we tried.. we were unable to bring Freddy's health into check. We got him 4 or 5 months ago... and immediately knew he was not well.. after eye...
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    Mega-Ray 100W MV bulb for my Sulcata ;)

    Well, its been 4 weeks since I removed the Bad Repti-Glo 10.0 bulb and put in a ReptiSUN 5.0 bulb in its place. His eyes have healed up, but he's still soooooooo lethargic He had worms, 2nd dose of worm medication is being done today. So thats taken care of Because I know the 5.0 bulb...
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    Weed ID's few photos...

    Hey, just wondering what these weeds are , if anyone knows.. and if they are ok to feed to my sulcata ;) Plant 1 plant 2 Plant 3 Plant 4 Plant 5 Plant 6 Any helps greatly appreciated!
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    force feeding young sulcata.. yes/no??

    Hey... My tortoise has recently been treated for a roundworm infection due back in 2 weeks for a 2nd set of medication..( panacure) However, its now been 9 days since he last ate anything substantial (4 days ago he chewed on maybe 4 mouthfulls of grass and dandilion) I fear that 2...
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    my 4" sulcata just pooped a 6" thin worm! UGH!!

    OK! you all know for weeks now ive been up and down with this little guy trying everything i can imagine to get him healthy Vet trips and fecal exams came back all negative 3 weeks ago.. TODAY! he pooped out a HUGE long thin white worm ( like spaghetti noodle ) He's got WORMS! UGH...
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    my sulcata, what does this mean..

    Hey Everyone I've been monitoring my young sulcata since the whole BAD UV light situation... And he's still very lethargic and keeps his eyes close most of the day.. he stopped eating about a week ago... Then.. in the last 2 days we've had really nice weather so I've made him a small...
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    FreddyCam hits 5000 Views Last night!

    Wow FreddyCam is one popular site! Last night we got the 5000th Viewer in under a month! now thats one star struck tortoise I think ;) hahaah FreddyCam 24/7 Sulcata Action ( or non action ) hehe obviously people have been spreading the word haha
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    Baby's Tears yum?

    Hey, just found that my sulcata (fredrick) loves Baby's Tears... I had one growing in the window.. read that it was ok for them and non toxic.. he loves it! i tried a bit myself.. kinda minty.. lol is it odd that I try all the food my tortoise eats? alo vera he doesnt seem...
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    Canadian Seed needs..

    Just wanted to let any canadians on the board that if you have trouble finding organic seed mixes for your tortoise, Let me know I've found a local organic farm that has a massive list of grazing grasses , weeds and flowers. I got a 1 lb grazing mix of grasses for $10! ;) thats a lotta...
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    Plant list was emailed to me , suitable for sulcatas and the like ;)

    Here's a list that I had emailed to me that was shown as acceptable food options for my sulcata. The list is quite expensive. SUCCULENTS: Abutilon - Aeonium *Agave - Spp. -Leaves; Flowers- (all) Albuca ~~Aloe Vera-Leaves; Flowers - (all) Amarican Aloe Spp. *Begonias Echeveria Spp...
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    the Ice is barely off the pond and look what I see..

    Here's a nice photo , the snow is still partially on the ground, and the ice has just left the ponds.. and look what I saw...
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    bad UVB light possible cause of Freddy's Issues! Thanks Tortania!!!

    Thanks to Tortania pointing out the posts regarding the hazardous UVB florecent bulbs on the market right now My bulb is one of the worst ones listed, the Exo-terra Repti-GLO 10.0 standard florecent tube. Along with a dozen other bulb types ( mostly compact florecents and the bulbs from Zilla...
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    lets talk basking lights.. shall we? lol

    I'm on a rollercoaster ride of return trips to the store trying to find a good basking light for my sulcata fredrick.... I had a 250 Watt Red IR bulb, but after some discussions decided to change it to a bright (white/clear ) IR heat bulb.. So I returned the 250 watt Red bulb, and got a...
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    Helpful link regarding UVB light filtering through mesh / screen enclosures!

    Hey all, as some of you may know, my custom enclosure has a screen lid.. and throughout the last couple weeks ive been trying to figure out why my little guy is sleeping so much and inactive.. even though when i wake him he'll eat like a horse... and otherwise is healthy. Some people...
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    Beware El Chupacabra! lololol
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    vet trip today for our little fredrick!

    Well taking my little guy to the vet this afternoon for a checkup gonna have to see what the Doc says. Hopefully something easily resolvable. *fingers are crossed* I want a happy active fredrick asap!
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    my sulcata's nose.. pics.. look ok?

    Hey, Since ive never had a tortoise before, and my vet appt isnt for another 2 days.. Here's a close up shot of my 4" sulcata's nose. Maybe you've never seen one up this close haha but do you see anything out of the ordinary? looks like his tiny nostrils are clear to me.. and a...
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    anyone else w/ a young sulcata? 4" range? could use some advise...

    Hey , My young sulcata fredrick.. im concerned that there may be an issue.. He always seems to keep one eye shut for the first while of being awake.. rubbs at it then he'll open it. thats one, 2nd.. he's only awake 10 - 15 minutes at a time most of the time, less he's out for a soak...
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    should freddy cam become a perminant thing?

    For the last few days I've had a webcam setup inside my torotise's enclosure, I call it the FreddyCam! , I gave the website out to a few people around here, and it seems word has spread.. i had 18 people watching him eat this morning. so my question to you is.. should I set it up 24/7...