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    Mixed information on enclosure

    I listened to advice from here and took my baby Russian out of his table ,I've now got him in a vivarium but I'm getting lots of mixed information some saying that vivarium is not suitable I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing .
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    Spots on baby Russian

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    Help with heating and lighting

    Hi all I've bought a new vivarium after adive I received from lots of people on here . I'm now really unsure of what sort of bulbs I need I got one at one end but not the other where he sleeps he was very cold when I got him up today and spent all day at the hot end but has now gone back to the...
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    Am i doing somthing wrong

    Hi I've had my tortoise for about three weeks he started off quite lively now he tends to stay in one corner all day .
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    New member/owner . This is bernard