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    My tort just ate a mushroom

    I was romping Myrtle today for 30 minutes and reading my Kindle while she ran. I looked up to see her eating something, checked on her, and she was eating a mushroom! I am worried that these might be poisonous. They are about nickel-sized and brown colored. The tops are flat and look like...
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    What's the minimum space requirement for a Russian?

    Hi, I have my Russian in a ZooMed Tortoise House right now but will be building her a homemade cage very soon. My question is, what's the minimum space requirement for a Russian to live indoors happily? Any opinions welcome! Thank you! TortoiseLuv0131
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    Will this be enough for my RT?

    Hi! I've had Myrtle for about a year now in this enclosure: Click here Now, obviously I know now that this is way too small for her. My question is, though, would 2 of these cages or maybe even 3 be enough space for her? I could build her an enclosure, but my dad is super busy right now so I...
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    Flaky-feeling shell

    Hi, Lately I've been noticing that my RT's shell has a few "flakes" on it - meaning that there are very thin bits of shell, like paper width, hanging off of it. This isn't noticeable unless you pick her up and run your finger along her shell both ways. She eats ZooMed's Grassland Tortoise...
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    My tortoise is eating stones/bark/sticks/pine cones

    Hi, My RT goes outside to roam free (under my supervision) for 30 minutes every day. A few months (maybe 4?) ago, she started seeking out and trying to eat small white stones. I tried to take as many as I could from her mouth, but she still succeeded in eating a few. Now, she doesn't try to...
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    Myrtle says hello

    Please welcome my RT Myrtle! We live in a ZooMed Tortoise House... ...This is our living room (it's a little messy right now hehe)... FOOD!!! ...And our bedroom. Every day we go outside to run for 30 minutes... ...And then we go into our ZooMed Tortoise Run for...
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    Introducing Opuntia Cactus

    Hi! I have been feeding my Russian tort ZooMed Grassland Tortoise Diet with some fresh greens for about a year, and just bought several leaves of Opuntia Cactus to add to her diet for the first time. They are quite thin and small (not what I was expecting), so I'm not going to plant them, just...
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    How old do you think my RT is?

    Hi, I got my Russian Tortoise from PetSmart about a year and 4 months ago and was wondering how old you think she is. She's about 5 1/2" long, 4 1/2" wide, and each scute is about 1", if that helps. She weighs 1 lb. 5 oz. Thanks so much! TortoiseLuv0131
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    RT hibernation

    Hi! I've had my Russian Tortoise for a little more than a year now. The first winter I didn't hibernate her, because we live in a very warm climate and I didn't want to make any mistakes, being still new. However, she wasn't really thriving during the winter and I think she'd do better in...
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    Hello from Myrtle and me!

    Hi! I have a Russian Tortoise named Myrtle - about 6 years old I should guess. She's been with me for just over a year and I can never stop learning more about her! Her picture is in my avatar & signature. I'm excited to learn more about the forum and meet all the tortoise owners and their...