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  1. Lannen

    Hand made Sulcata enclosure

    Wow, what a great job. It looks very nice. It won't be long before you have to supersize it though!
  2. Lannen

    Snaggle toothed tort

    A couple of weeks ago I posted photos about Master and his fangs. He broke a couple off in a zucchini and this is the one that is left. I'm wondering if he is hiding them in his tort cave?
  3. Lannen

    Your First Tort

    Daughter A was working in a pet store. Daughter B got a fantastic new pet for Christmas from Daughter A! The little guy was a perfect apartment pet. Quiet, didn't bark, wasn't on the banned pet lease list... And then "Master" began to grow. And grow... then grow some more. He grew to...
  4. Lannen

    Return to wild?

    The more tort's you buy, the more they will bread to keep selling to you. Then the price will go up. One day you decide to disengage from your release program, while tort production is at an all time high- Now what?
  5. Lannen

    insurance lunacy

    There could be more to this then you realize...
  6. Lannen

    NEWBIE here, baby tortoise isnt doing too good, PLEASE HELP!

    Hi Mrspatti, You are wonderful for doing what you can for this little tort. Reading over this forum and learning all you can will be the biggest and most positive step you can take. From here you will learn all the little nuances of your tort once you learn what kind of tort he/she is! Warmth...
  7. Lannen

    MMMMM Breakfast!

    Master enjoying breakfast on a warm sunny Florida morning!
  8. Lannen

    Hellllp (sulcata small for age??)

    Cute little guy... put a nice pile of sticks and twigs and such out there. You will find he loves to hide in there and it gives him a little more shade.
  9. Lannen

    Stupid questions

    I put Master in a large tub and throw a couple of towels over him. He loves that, stays put and get's a little peeved at me when I take the towels off.
  10. Lannen

    My big guy digging a big hole.

    1st photo: Hey, I don't think you should stand this close. 2nd photo: Look, I'm serious.. 3rd photo: BRAAAAAAAAP!!!!
  11. Lannen

    Am I doing this right?!

    What a handsome little guy. He will certainly keep that grass cut down to a proper size for you in the very near future!
  12. Lannen

    Warning for young sulcata owners

    Master has a couple inches of sand on the floor of his condo which he digs and moves back and forth before settling in for the night. This seems to satisfy his digging desires as he no longer digs up the yard.
  13. Lannen

    help what is it male or female?

    The score: Now 5 to 3 in favor of two males -vs- one male one female. A definitive answer is beginning to form!
  14. Lannen

    Outdoor update!

    What a lucky little tort to have you for a caregiver. Nice job!
  15. Lannen

    Well found out this weekend what happened to our water turtle.

    In Tampa two boy's 14 and 15 thought it would be fun to harass a homeless man in the woods. They whacked him with a stick and eventually put him in a hospital. He subsequently died. They face murder charges. Fun huh? Every now and then there is another story of a goose or a duck walking...
  16. Lannen

    help what is it male or female?

    The score so far- 2 people say 2 males. 3 people say 1 male 1 female. What does it cost to have a vet DNA sex the tort? I was curious about mine and can see the definitive answer will be something akin to 50-50...
  17. Lannen

    Losing hope

    That is truly wonderful. I know how you feel! Let the healing continue! Best wishes!!
  18. Lannen

    Am I doing this right?!

    I have an electronic thermometer with a remote sensor for temp and humidity. The display, sits in the kitchen window and the remote sensor is in his 'condo' where he sleeps. I can constantly monitor Master's temp and humidity. I live in Florida so I only have to worry about the temps in the...
  19. Lannen

    Somebody thinks they're hiding

    Where? I don't see a Tort anywhere?!?!?!?
  20. Lannen

    Tortoise teeth?

    Master get's zucchini on a regular basis, and carrots, although he doesn't like the carrots as much. I think his favorite snack is Ivory soap. Yep, Ivory soap. We had a bar of soap in the back yard cleaning something. Turning our backs for just a second (just like a human child) he started...