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    Sulcata Tortoise night box Lid

    Have a quick question in regards to all the flat lids of these tortoise night boxes I’ve been seeing. When it rains, doesn’t the rain water just sit and puddle up on the flat surface lid? Wouldn’t the roof top of a tortoise box be better with it being sloped like a roof of a house, so that the...
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    Does my Sulcata Tortoise have MBD?

    I have some photos of my one year old Sulcata tortoise. I noticed two dimples or dents on the back of his shell. Left and right of his rear end shell. Is this signs of MBD or am I just paranoid. Thank you, J
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    Using UVB fluorescent light with Calcium powder w D3

    Hello, I’m new to the forum and need some help. Figures this would be the place to go. I have a 4month old Sulcata tortoise. So my question is: I had bough a reptile calcium powder w/ D3 and I have a 10.0 UVB fluorescent strip light. Is this too much D3 for my tortoise since the UVB light...