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  1. Zoo700

    Bookshelf build - indoor enclosure

    That is awesome! We too are building a bookshelf table for our Russian, Dribble! We live in Indiana and therefore she is indoors most of the time. Do you think we should get some sheeting (how will she breathe though?) or a top to hold the light/heat in? We will have 3 heat lamps and 2 UV bulbs...
  2. Zoo700

    Is my enclosure to small?

    Ok! I went and read most of the post but my questions are dumb ones, but I have got to ask--where did you get the tubes and how did you make the holes in the tubes? I am not crafty/handy and unfortunately neither is the husband!
  3. Zoo700

    Is my enclosure to small?

    Would you be able to show me a picture? I think that this is what is happening with our Russian Tortoise. I think her enclosure is too small too and she is restless and bored. What kind of material do you use for a tunnel? I have never made anything for our tortoise before (We have only had her...