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    Overnight practices w/outdoor tortoises

    Great! Good to know; thank you.
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    Overnight practices w/outdoor tortoises

    Do people bring their outdoor tortoises inside over night? Or, do you keep them outside 24/7? Asking as I plan to make plans/enclosures to adopt a smaller species (Russian, Hermann's, etc.) some day soon, hopefully. Bringing a tortoise in every night adds to the work and space demands...
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    Family "ghost" stories?

    Here's my long story: It was a sunny day and my siblings and I were on summer break from school. I was 13. (I'm 40 now.) Three of my siblings (1 older; 2 younger) and I were watching TV in the living room of our very small house when our dad came home from work in the mid-afternoon. My siblings...
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    "best" first tortoise?

    There’s nothing wrong with getting pet for a child when there’s a responsible adult who has accepted their role as the main caretaker, as should be the case with all pets for kids, and who is doing their research, as is the case in this situation. Good luck.
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    "best" first tortoise?

    I know you said your wife doesn't like lizards, but I have a uromastyx and he's fantastic and would fit that size availability. Uromastyx are strict herbivores and require no live insects. The minimum size enclosure for them is 4 feet long by 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall. They require extreme...
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    My box turtle died out of Nowhere

    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm no expert, but I've seen a lot of animals after they die (hunting, fishing, slaughter) and they will always look "off" when they're dead even if they were fine beforehand.
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    My box turtle died out of Nowhere

    I'm sorry for your loss. I'm no expert, but I've seen a lot of animals after they die (hunting, fishing, slaughter) and they will always look "off" when they're dead even if they were fine beforehand.
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    Leopard tortoises eat hyena poop

    Interesting video about animals eating bones and tortoises eating hyena poop and dead tortoise shells for calcium. Go to the 4:43 minute make to see the end of the hyena segment and begin the tortoise segment:
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    Find a friend who has a freshwater aquarium and use their waste water as fertilizer. I have a freshwater fish tank and I always dump my dirty water in my garden. It's full of fish waste, leftover food, leaf litter, plant debris, etc.
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    MBD in a Chameleon

    You should report the business to the local Better Business Bureau; your state Attorney General's Office, which deals with consumer protection issues, and any state offices (Department of Agriculture?) that may have oversight of the sale of live animals. Some may say they can't do anything...
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    What hobby have you spent most on?

    I doubt it. Sounds like someone who pathologically needs to be smarter then everyone else at any cost.
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    What hobby have you spent most on?

    I’m sorry but yes it did because the waste water goes straight into the toilet and sewage treatment center and back into the Mississippi River. I happen to live in the Mississippi River watershed and emailed our watershed district and its scientists and they said while my aquarium obviously was...
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    What hobby have you spent most on?

    Reef aquarium. Took it down and rehomed everything more than a year ago. It was beautiful, but more work than I preferred. (I had kept freshwater tanks for years and still have two up and running.) But the biggest motivating factor for me was learning that once you add salt to freshwater it...
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    chlorinated water

    While there have been many good reasons to be wary of municipal water in many parts of the world, including the USA (Flint, Michigan), it's important to know that in the USA at least there is far more stringent quality control and reporting requirements for tap water than there is for bottled...
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    Testudo: Night temperatures

    I’m doing research for adopting a Hermann’s or Russian one day. My spare room where I would keep the tortoise over the winter gets to about 63 degrees Fahrenheit at night. Is that OK or is that too cold? Would you use an overnight heat emitter? My home thermostat is set to 72 degrees...
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    oak entertainment center and tortoise enclosure

    Great job. I love this design.
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    Where to find hides?

    Thank you @Toddrickfl1 and @Blackdog1714! There aren't a ton of Walmarts near me so I didn't even think to try it. I'll check it out.
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    Where to find hides?

    Thank you! Good to know. I'll give it a shot.
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    Where to find hides?

    I'm preparing to adopt a Russian or Hermann's tortoise one day and have been looking around at supplies, and can't find any opaque plastic tubs to use as hides. I've looked at Home Depot, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Walgreens, Target and Fleet Farm. All I can find are clear totes or very heavy...
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    Got too Hot? What to Do? Will he Die?

    I don't have a tortoise yet but I do keep snakes and one lizard, and I believe you should always have a thermometer with every heat element for a reptile.