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    Basking light recommendation

    Hello, I live in California and was wondering what basking bulb I should get for my sulcata? Any recommendations? Would the bulb I have in my next post work?
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    Melamine vs plywood

    Hello everyone, Im trying to buy a custome closed chamber for my sulcata but I was asked if I prefer melamine or plywood? I’m not sure which one would be better since the substrate would be moist? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Is this pyramiding?

    Hello, This is Frida. She’s a little over a year old. I recently noticed her she’ll is raising a little. And it looks dry. During the day i started putting her out to get some sun and at night she’s inside. Inside her tank she has orchid bark and ceramic heat omitters. I know this is something...
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    Is this ok for sulcata?

    Hello, Sorry to ask on your thread but I was wondering if this type of bark is okay for my Sulcata. It’s orchid bark, it seems kind of big but I’ve read so many good things about it for baby Sulcatas substrates.
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    What size CHE for 10 gallon tank?

    Hello, I just bought a Sulcata and I have it in a 10 gallon tank. Small since the Sulcata is small, for now, it’s apparently 30 days old. I was looking into this Che infrared heater so I won’t stress the tortoise out by having the heating lamp light beaming down on it all day. So my question is...