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  1. Boogeyman

    What species is this?

    Hello My sister's neighbor has a tortoise do you guys know what species this is? It doesn't look like a Sulcuta..
  2. Boogeyman


    Is it normal for tortoises to do alot of pacing around the fencing... ours is wooden so our tortoise can't see what's on the otherside... just curious.
  3. Boogeyman

    This made me sad...

    Went to a certain petstore and saw this: Told one of the employees that the tortoise barely fit in there... among other things. They said they were going to fix it.
  4. Boogeyman


    Are these weeds good for sulcuta: Thanks in advance.
  5. Boogeyman


    Are these mushrooms safe for sulcutas? It's been raining lately and they have been popping out..
  6. Boogeyman

    The adventures of Link

    Link having a good time outdoors..
  7. Boogeyman

    Red light night bulbs

    Hey guys I just recently noticed some postings on how Red or Blue night lights are bad. What exactly does it do to sulcutas? Thanks in advance for the info.
  8. Boogeyman

    Cuttle bone

    Hi guys Just wondering at what age is it appropriate to introduce cuttle bone to a young sulcuta? Thanks in advance.
  9. Boogeyman

    Link taking a walk

    Hi guys took some pics of Link taking a walk. Link is 8 months old.. just to confirm the white lines around the scutes are growth marks correct?
  10. Boogeyman

    Reptisun 5.0

    Hello Quick question regarding the reptisun 5.0 short fluorescent light... is this one considered bad for sulcuta eyes as well? Thanks in advance.
  11. Boogeyman

    New sulcuta owner.. any additional tips will help?

    Hello everyone I have been in and out of this forums for a few years now. I just wanted to share this with you guys. I have been wanting a sulcuta tortoise for a long time now and I found a breeder that has a good reputation. As fate would have it though I happen to stop by this pet store which...
  12. Boogeyman

    Coil bulb..

    Hi everyone. . Does anybody have a pic of the coil bulb that is bad for tortoises? I'm just trying to make sure it's the one in thinking about. Thanks in advance
  13. Boogeyman

    Preventing burrowing

    Hello Do you guys have any tips on preventing sulcatas from digging holes everywhere? Just gathering research, thanks in advance guys and girls.
  14. Boogeyman


    Hi everyone. I had been doing some research on tortoises when I stumbled on this forum. I loved the way everyone got along and posted great information that I just had to join. I live in central Texas and I have been thinking about getting a tortoise for awhile now. I don't own any dogs and...